Oops... We Did It Again (Building A Custom Bumper For A Audi)

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Hi there people of the Hive

Its been a really long time since I have posted anything and also havent been checking up on my page at all. Sorry for that peeps.

Or well sorry to the 2 people that might have followed my posts 😎🙏

Well I am back now and ready to write some articlea again👌👽

So where to start... Me and my bud is at it again... Cutting up bumpers that are in general still in a good condition. But... Its going to look mean... As mean as mean can be 😎👽

Removing the bumper wasnt all that hard hey... 2 bolts and it came right off👌 the next step was figuring out exactly what we want to do and how we are going to do this.

Well meh in the end we did change what we wanted to do. Atleast we didnt have to change anything really, but it sure is going to be one hella beautiful bumper well atleast we hope so.. Its going to take a long time though hehe might write a few articles on this.



Ok so..... We cut it.. Now there's no going back might aswell push through.


Just a quick fit to get a rough idea of what we might have to expect. Keep in mind we aint going to keep it open... We are planning on adding some meshed grill.

And back to the drawing board. So we finally split the 2 parts cut off all the excess plastic and started drilling holes for the wire stitching. Added 3 rough wires just to hold it in place while we drill all the holes.





To be honest joining the 2 parts of the bumper isn't my biggest worry that ive done before. Getting that black part straight and perfect is of more worry to me😂 because in the end that black has to be full red aswell. But we'll figure it out 😂👽



Ill keep updating as we progress on the bumper.

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