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Hey there people of the HIVE!!.

I am still uncertain of how things might be after our lockdown has ended... Or well should I say when its not as restricted weve been moved down to level 4, however one province in our country KZN might stay at level 5 because of a spike in confirmed cases. But besides that will life return to normal after this will we ever be truely safe from any type of contamination or virus will we ever shake hands with confidence that we will be safe.

Will life be the same again? Well probably in a few years when everyone has all but forgotten about this epidemic. Just to be repeated again in a 100 years or so.

Nature's way of population control and trying to save itself I geuss. As much as I like how all the conspiracy theories can entertain me I dont really believe it with all my heart... Things happen... Somewhere the wrong person ate the wrong bat at the wrong time🦇. And bam we have ourselves an epidemic. None the less we got this Survival of the fittest😂. No its only jokes.

The 2 photos below are one of the dirt roads on our farm it has 2 tyres tracks although this is obviously only the one side... Taken from the ground, it really gives a different perspective hey, like this looks like a road on its own but its actually only a small part of a bigger road. Morale is... Dont let your way of seeings things blind you from the truth🎶 even if the truth burns like a blazing fire and cuts like a diamond blade.

Never be fooled.



I dont believe I have ever posted a photo of our mafia gangster cat. This is really the most badass chilled dont give a F@#k cat😎🙀😂 a few years back when we still lived in town, and keep in mind this os roughly about 10 years ago... Maybe 11 or 12... We had this heavy heavy thunder storm the one night, and the next morning we were surprised with this little guy hiding between the pallets in our garage its a wonder we even discovered him there, well if he didnt cry as much we probably would have never. He was shy at first, probably more scared than shy... He wouldn't dare come close. So everyday morning and every night we left some food out for him probably for around 3 months before he came out to us for the first time and then he didnt stay very long, probably just showing gratitude and then going to his safe haven again... Until over time he got accustomed to us and developed a bond. Now he is always chilling with us, and he is the main cat of the lot. While all the other keep fighting one another they leave him be... Almost like an unspoken rule to leave the elder alone.

And I think he still has a fondness for the pallets hey. Because he is still chilling on the same pallets everyday, just in a different location though hey



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