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Hey there people of the HIVE!

So the 3rd week of lockdown has started, well the day started of real good until the rain started, I did manage to get a few snapshots of a horse that already played in some old mud before it really started raining. These horses are sometimes something spectacular to behold, to watch and see how they behave, how they react with emotion in their eyes and sounds. Its such a great moment to behold.

Well luckily the rain didn't completely ruin my plans for the day, well it did but atleast I could finish up on some housework like washing etc... And have that out of the way for the week ahead.

Thank god our country has not seen the worst side of the covid19 pandemic thusfar, And I am very greatfull for that. I dont think we will get hit that hard, since day one people were jumpy and started taking action with social distancing.


We started putting tyres around the plants in our garden, well the vulnerable ones ti start off with.. If we don't do this the horses just walk straight over anything in their way😂 its a mission with these gentle giants, they're stubborn nosey and so so loving creatures😊😊


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So beautiful views!
Thank for sharing!

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