Day 16 of 35~ Lockdown Diary * Farmland Photography * Saw a Damn Beautiful Sooberoo * Some Real Snazzy Honey Tea *

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Hey there people of the HIVE.

Another day done and dusted with. Was a relaxing Saturday, started of quite cool with the rain that fell during the night have to add that it rain alot more than the previous night the whole yard is covered in water, although it quickly got alot hotter during the day. But meh it was another lazy day in front of the teli and the fan.

Well Atleast I did get some sunlight hey cant stay indoors 24/7 did some walking around on the farm and took a snap here and there gave it a bit of a tweak and whala.. I have to admit I absolutely love abandoned water crip we have here not too far from the house.



Did some shopping for essentials in the late afternoon etc. Bread, milk, butter and sugar..oh and some flavoured tea😎😎😍🍵. I am actually shocked at how many people was driving around in the lockdown. Meh luckily not my problem if they catch the deadly cold.

But what stood out most of everything in this day was this Subaru.. As some may know I am a die hard Sooberoo fan 😎 till the day I die peeps and this is indeed not a bad looking one.


Guys and gals... Ok I know this aint beer or your favorite brrand of coffee but hey trust me this stuff is legit, well I really really dig it alot... Especially the honey with some real honey added, trust me you should give it a try for sure.




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I think one of the car photos is broken.
Neat photos my friend! :D
The tea sounds delicious :D