I'm mourning for Steem | Will see you on the other side

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Justin seems to be censoring Hive posts by removing them from the Steemit frontend. Let's see if removing 'Hive' from the title is enough to prevent that from happening.

So, the past few weeks we've spoken a lot about Ned selling Steemit, Inc., Justin Sun buying it, then the witnesses deploying a SoftFork, then Justin Sun reacting by installing 20 sock puppets as 'witnesses'.

And much much more happened in between.


I know some have very intense opinions about all of this. Very ideological, very fanatical, very... sure of what is true and what is not.

I've been not sure of anything, but yesterday I noticed I am looking forward to Hive, creating a new Twitter account because I wanted to dive a little deeper into promoting the new chain, and overall thinking 'Let's make this Hive thing booming'.

I'm a very intuitive person so sometimes I have to explicitly stop myself from just following my instincts to put words to my actions: why am I doing this? What makes me feel Hive is going to be the place to be? Why am I ready to leave Steem behind?

Then I wrote a post and read it back and didn't even know if I felt the same way anymore. So I didn't post it.

I don't necessarily care about the whole 'Ninja-Mined Stake' discussion, even though people try to convince me I should. Some people believe it will make all the difference, some people don't. Some people think only removing a few accounts will not be enough to remove the stain of this Ninja-Mined stake: we should do a full replay where we remove all ripple effects this Ninja-Mined Stake has had over the last 4 years.

Think about that.

Our community would look totally different.


I've spoken to quite a few people that are 100% in on Hive personally/IRL and I've been able to look into their eyes, hearts and glass(es) of beer, and I know their loyalty is with the community. So I know I can trust and follow them in a way that some people who haven't been able to interact IRL with (formerly) Steemians can.

I accept that. I also accept that I have very sentimental and not per say ideological reasons to make my 'move to Hive'. I'm just rarely wrong about people.

I know that the biggest part of the community that is moving to Hive will be the ones on the next Hive/SwarmFest, and they are the ones I want to interact with.

Those that are willing to meet up are a special breed and it's a strong motivator for me as I put huge value in having all our interactions mean more than it just being a random digital event.

So here I am. I'm sad. I'm mourning. I'm not sure either chain will have the success it deserves. I do know I don't like the state of Steem as it is now. I really don't think we can trust Justin. I will never know, but I have to go with what I've seen so far. I don't know if Steem might see a resolution someday. I also don't know if I'm ever seeing a Steem that I want to return to. I do know I love writing, I love interacting, and I love an experiment or two.

So although I'm sad, and although the name Steem will always have a deep meaning to me, I'm going to give Hive a go. I will be posting on there for a while and see how it feels.

If I can find there what I was able to find on Steem I might even stay. And although I won't post on Steem for a while at least, I will keep an eye on this place. Some people are still fighting... And I appreciate them as much as I do the ones that are fighting for a new place for our community.

As long as I'm on Hive I won't cross-post to Steem. I'm not going to dilute my experience like that. I also want to give my experiment on Hive a real chance, and if I don't go in full I will never get used to that place.

So that's a goodbye I guess - for now? I really hope to see you on the other side.


Hey, @soyrosa.

I'm feeling it, too. I haven't been so consistent with posting anywhere until STEEM. I suppose the same could happen on HIVE, but it's not just an automatic thing. Maybe in a little while I'll feel better. :)

I really don't think we can trust Justin.

I think that's largely the point about all of this. We shouldn't have to trust him, or anyone else, for that matter, because no one person should have that much influence or ability to affect change. When they can't, it's less a matter of trust as it is the freedom to be more involved and more of an agent of your own destiny.

Without a major miracle, that doesn't happen on STEEM from Friday forward. Whatever is left of STEEM goes to TRON or goes away. Either thought is sad, but most of what truly makes STEEM, well, STEEM, will be on HIVE anyway, (and just for the record, whatever baggage and dirty laundry we've had here, we'll be taking with us to HIVE), and most likely, the rest of the folks will follow in short order. Where else is there to go where there's even a potential for the community that's been on STEEM where at least decentralization is being talked about, if not actually being achieved on different levels?

I'm sounding like a cheerleader for HIVE. I'm actually not. I have many of the same feelings as you. I think I'm just trying to cheer you up. :) Thanks for being one of those to hold on through thick and thin for the last two-plus years (right now it's seeming like longer). There aren't a lot of us left that came in together.

I can always trust your comments to have depth and sincerity, I appreciate that about you. We're basically Steem Twins, born here at the same time, so I guess we'll now both move to Hive at the same time with very similar thoughts and feelings too.

I also could've written the more 'upbeat' version of this post, and a lot of words you wrote in your comment could've been mine too, but I also wanted to let all these other feelings out, as I really do feel the sadness.

Ah, you know, we will see many familiar faces on Hive, and I actually believe it won't take very long before we browse on one of the Steem frontends and don't recognize the place anymore... That's when we know we'll have made the right decision.

Cheers and a 100% upvote because rules don't apply anymore anyway :D

I have my doubts too but staying here is not an option and I don't have a backup plan right now. See you there!

<3 See you there @fotostef!

Yeah i see you on the other side.

See you on the other side!

See you on the other side! I hope you found the solution to the censorship on Steemit. ❤

See you on the other side! Let's make 'that place' censorship free and owned by us.

See there? I knew you'd help me make my decision. Thank you.

I go with what I feel too, and so am going to give hive a try.

Removing Hive branded posts? Really? If that's the spirit of Steem now, I don't want any more. Like you, I'll check in. But anything I do will be with a new attitude in a new place.

<3 Glad I could help you to make a decision! We're not sure if it's the right one, but staying here is definitely looking grimmer and grimmer.

And yes, maybe it's a fresh start for all of us where we can have a different attitude and breathe in some fresh air.

See you there Tom <3

I am not sure if I can see you there. My connection is too slow to load a site and I need an easy app like partiko. Partiko won't work and @esteemapp is too slow.
Might be this is the end of my blockchain exoeriences and I am off again.
I wish you good luck. 💕

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I hope there will be a mobile app soon - I'm sure there's some renewed energy with some people to make Hive work. I hope to see you once you find a way that works for you :-)

Thank you. I hope so too. 💕

Honestly, I'm sad, but I'm also frustrated because now I have to learn something new on the blockchain (again) and this isn't my focus right now. I haven't posted in forever and this doesn't make it easier. Thank you for helping keep the community together, though. I appreciate you.

Hey @katrina-ariel, I will help you through EVERY STEP! I really believe it's going to be all the same except for the URL. Even your keys will be the same :-) So for just posting and commenting just go to hive.blog starting tomorrow and I think you'll be surprised how little there is to 'learn'.

Hope to see you there <3

Thanks, love!

See you tomorrow ;)

See ya ;-)

Very similar feelings here Rosa. Every goodbye is hard for us, sensitive people...

Let´s try and focus on the positive though. I am sure we can do great things on Hive. See you there.