Chronicles of 7 souls: I slept with my best friend's wife

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Chronicles of 7 souls

I slept with my best friend's wife

I light a cigarette while sitting on the corner of the bed naked; she is there right next to me with half of her beautiful naked body and the rest covered with the soft white sheets, as quiet as if nothing bad had happened. I am immersed between the sour taste of my cigar and the thoughts of what had happened hours before, all that was mixed inside me, the memories of her kisses and moans by my caresses, every onslaught of my body excited by her aroma and by the grimaces of her lips enjoying me.

On the other hand I kept thinking that all this had been crazy, so many women in the world and I came to sleep with my best friend's. But it was something that I had wanted for a long time, the three of us were in college, I remember that I met her at our part-time job to pay the tuition, she always smiled while serving the customers at the restaurant, and my eyes always followed her, I still have several skin burns from being unaware, when she was looking for some drinks in the cellar I always offered her one to cool down, I was almost always preparing the fire with charcoal for the customers since we worked in a Korean restaurant; The times when my skin burned because I was distracted by her beauty she smiled while she spread some healing cream on me, her face close to mine made me feel no pain, only peace and a little bit of happiness especially when I imagined that in one of those scenes I could perhaps dare to kiss her.

When I was in college, my best friend told me that he was in love with a girl from his biology class and that they were already dating, they had already had their first date, I was really happy for him since he was a very lonely boy in spite of being a real studious guy, he always dedicated himself to his studies and to work at an early age in his parents' company, something that his intelligence allowed him to do. Because of his work and studies, I had not had the opportunity to meet his girl until the day he was going to introduce me to his future wife. More than 3 months later, when I entered the restaurant where he quoted me, there was the girl from the restaurant next to him, the same young woman with a pale complexion and red cheeks with whom I had also fallen completely in love and with whom I never had the opportunity to ask if she wanted to go out with me or if she had a boyfriend.

That night was awkward for me, she made it seem like she knew me from the restaurant where we worked together for a while until she left. My best friend was a little surprised because it was funny that I never talked to her about such a beautiful girl, but really if she wanted to, we never had the time to talk about it. That night I don't remember how many bottles I uncorked, I just wanted to erase everything from my memory, get rid of the bitter taste and how uncomfortable it was to see the two of them happy, the girl I liked and my best friend, it couldn't have been any other way than that. The days passed and they got married, my best friend could have been her best man which I could not refuse, days ago I tried to forget her by having sex with some prostitutes, but none of them satisfied me as much as the simple thought of having her in my arms, her natural fragrance penetrating my skin and her crimson lips joined to mine.

I light up another cigarette to make time to remember how I came to this hotel with her, if it was really worth keeping quiet to continue having what I always wanted even when I was betraying a friendship and brotherhood of years, or to escape from that dream come true so as not to continue feeling guilty.

But I was interrupted by his voice before I could light the other cigarette. She sat on my legs making the space between my crotch and her vagina narrow, removing the cigarette from my lips and then passing her tongue to kiss me, it was as if the innocent and angelic beauty had become a total perversion and morbidity. Her eyes reflected how excited I was, and her gaze was of someone with more desire than love. I knew I could not get more than just her body, at that moment I was a man in the hands of that woman, I had caught completely, it was as if he knew that all his life this was part of what he wanted from her, and seemed to enjoy being within a love triangle.

That night I forgot the honor, I just stared at her while my hands went down to her waist; she just possessed me to her liking.What would happen next no longer mattered to me that night, I put it off until tomorrow.

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