Between dreams and nightmares of the end of my life

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Between dreams and nightmares of the end of my life

I close my eyes while my exhausted body rests on the soft bed, between white sheets that tuck me in from the winter cold. Deep inside me I longed to be able to feel a lbit warmth, something coming from another body, something foreign but at the same time close to me and my feelings so that it would be a simple pleasant feeling, but there was no time, even though my body was crying out for time because my eyes had already closed and the little I could feel was the silence of a body destroyed for the routine trying to rest, only my breathing was the last thing I heard before entering a world that seemed to have no end.

I don't know who I am in this strange world of fantasy, what I did know was that I was dreaming, on one side the body of a tired old man, and on the other a young man imagining an unknown world where any sudden idea or thought did not hesitate to come true. So, that's when the hunt began, I could move my hands in signs of magic runes to invoke as many arrows, swords and daggers as I wanted to eradicate the enemy while we escaped; I didn't even know why I was escaping if it was only a dream and I knew it, but there wasn't time to think about it either, it was about surviving so as not to wake up in a bad dream and not be able to sleep even for the effect of the pills I took before closing my eyes completely.

I felt falling from the truck because of the impact we had with a big white wall, I didn't know exactly where I was but my thoughts sensed that it was a university, to which I knew that the enemy was going to change strategy, this time I knew that it would be a game of resident evil, where I was the one who had the gun in hand and had to aim without fear so as not to miss the few bullets I had, this time it wasn't a simple game handled for a remote control, I had to aim with precision to blow the heads of the zombies. As I finished them off and it got harder and harder, I could laugh in my thoughts, mocking myself for not remembering that it was all a dream and that I owned this unknown world. So I drew a rune in the air and powerful flashes of air and water came out behind me like a spell that would end them all in the blink of an eye.

There was nothing left, everything was destroyed, but it should not end like this, if there was no purpose to continue dreaming surely would wake up in real life. I closed my eyes and put my brain to dream and imagine much more, until I woke up in a park, it was night. It seemed that technology had advanced more than I could imagine, as if someone else controlled my dream because in my mind it did not fit that there was the possibility of two worlds with two skies in the same dimension, just go down the stairs of a train tunnel to find a subterranean world, on one side water, the other the same park since the beginning of the new dream and if you look up you can find a sky full of stars and a large blue comet pass slowly.

Suddenly I see that the meteor is heading towards us, trying to destroy it was not such a simple option, although it was my dream and my world in my head there was no idea or remote possibility of being able to destroy something so powerful, so I simply climbed the stairs and went to the other world without thinking that after the fun we were going to dive into chaos, to be more specific, we ended up between a great wave of lava that burned every bone in our bodies making me feel an indescribable pain that made me close my eyes again and transport me to where I was originally.

More runes, swords, arrows and daggers invoked to my hands and my imagination, another crash on that great wall of a university, and my frustration at that scream of annoyance I produced towards that unknown person at my side, I could never see his face or hear his voice or even know if it was a man, woman or child, But I didn't realize that my objective was to protect that person and in an indirect way I was doing it, that's why I didn't want to wake up, the reason was not to lose the dream, the reason was to live the end again and again to save you and to be able to take you out of my dreams, that way I have always believed that you can be in my reality and if maybe you are already in my real world, I haven't been able to find you because I don't know who you are or your name.

After the thoughts I simply woke up with a stabbing pain on my left side almost in the center of my chest, so strong that it made me urinate and deprive myself of the pain, it was the day of my end I thought, while I felt that life was leaving me completely.

But I really woke up in another bad dream to wake up in a breath of air that made me relieve and forget everything.

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Saludos amigo!
Gran historia creativa, eres bueno creando ciencia ficción!
Es otro mundo, complejo y lleno de formas que solo las
puede detallar el autor...
Felicitaciones por tu poder imaginativo!

Hola, muchas gracias, ajaja a mi me pareció una total locura la verdad y debo confesar que todo eso fue un sueño que tuve, un sueño tras otro pero conectados.
Un abrazo para ti.

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Wow, vaya sueño! Jeje,
Fue un gusto @roadstories...
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