Assault in the magical world of dreams

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Assault in the magical world of dreams

One out of every 365 days of the year, the magical world of dreams opened its doors to children who wanted to enjoy the secrets that such a peculiar place sheltered. Guarded for powerful wizards who had different abilities according to their qualities, those who were noble and cared for the animals possessed the power of wind and others of healing water, those whose brute force protected both the magical world of dreams and the leader had the ability of earth and fire. All of them were important in such a special place as they maintained the balance of mana.

Something very peculiar about this world is that the only way to access it was to dreaming, it was not a place you could see in real life, but nevertheless, being chosen as a visitor and having the gift of dreaming granted for the leader, it was not indicative that it lacked reality, that which you could see or feel while dreaming, was a memory or trace that would remain in your life once you woke up, if you got burned you would surely wake up with a burn on your skin, if some animal bit you would feel real pain, and if you didn't follow the rules of the magical world of dreams and got lost, you would surely never wake up from the dream and could die.

The 20 children for the new opening were already chosen, the king's messenger presented them in a previous dream to make them the invitation they had to accept or reject at the time, making it clear that it was a single lifetime invitation and that if they accepted it they would know the risks they could take. Among the statutes it was framed that once the experience was lived, that child who wakes up will have memories of everything he dreamed, but that no word could come out of his mouth concerning what he had seen since his voice would be extinguished and his lips sealed. Of course, this warning never came true because no one dared to question it.

One day before the opening, the leader of the magicians and founder of the magical world was threatened for his enemy, a dark magician who would sift through the dreams of the children until he was nourished to their cruelest nightmares. The leader was not afraid of his power because many other times he had defeated and overthrown him from his world, but he feared for the safety of the children who did not possess any magic but innocence whose quality made the balance break, since they could be manipulated to some of these dark magicians. Because of this, he spent most of his magical power on erecting an invisible wall of protection against any evil that dared to cross the borders of the world.

When the day came, the chosen ones entered the magical world of dreams to venture into a world completely full of imagination. Although they did not possess magic in real life, their innocent qualities endowed them with the ability to defend themselves from any evil or also to be part of it in case their innocence was broken or corrupted. Peculiarly, the adventure lasted a whole year, but the sleep only lasted as long as an ordinary human had to sleep 8 hours; something that magic power could make real, so the chosen children would have to eat and sleep on the magical world of dreams while they cared for and played with the animals, as well as from the fights between magicians and certain magic teachings and practices.

On the last day of the adventure, while the leader gave his final speech and magically blessed the children with more qualities that would be useful in real life, a loud noise is heard that makes the most powerful magician fall to the ground. The defense spell was linked to his life, not that he could die, but that it could weaken him. The breeze turned cold, and in the blink of an eye one of the wounded guards appeared announcing that the magical world of dreams was being invaded for dark mages. The leader did not understand the situation, no magic could be able to break his. Suddenly there are shots and explosions. Those dark wizards entered into the dreams of the adults, some thieves and politicians whose innocence was totally blinded and corrupted to power at the expense of others. The magical world also allowed him to imagine, as part of the balance there must be good and evil. However, there was no mind more powerful than the pure innocence of a child, and without forgetting that there were 20 of them who took the leader and protected him with their magic skills, some of them built protective walls of water against the strong flames of the explosions, and others made barriers of rocks to avoid the bullets.

It was a magical confrontation between innocence and corruption, but it was a battle with great advantage for the good. The imagination could outdo any dark corruption, some very intelligent children with great qualities had the power to both levitate and blow up anything they could move at the thought, so many of the corrupt men were sent to the other side of the barrier, and some children held hands to create a visible water barrier that those who tried to pass became atoms, some of these men lost half of their arms trying to pass the impenetrable barrier, much more powerful than the previous one.

However, the leader of the dark ones was still within the barrier, in an attempt to obtain the power of good and make it corrupt. So the 20 chosen positioned themselves in front of the weakened magician to protect him, making a movement with their hands that traced a mystical rune in the air, and then drew a powerful golden rune on the ground around them and made their manas unite into one, something bright and powerful that made the dark magician disappear completely, who had been sent to a dungeon protected by the same magic.

By the end of the day, good had won the battle, and one of the guards had been discovered to have committed treason since his magic had been corrupted. The children ended up being blessed by the powerful wizard and woke up with the memories of their adventure and of that epic battle against evil, now they would have to fight with their human qualities and defeat the evil of the real world.

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