What Does Hive Mean To Me? A @theycallmedan Initiative!

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Greetings to all Hiveans!

I am the founder of The Papillon Foundation aka @papilloncharity in South Africa. Founded in 2002, registered and legally compliant in the country. Also Steem Verified.

This is a great Initiative by @theycallmedan and the compiled answers to all of the questions could certainly provide guidance to the future of Hive. I will answer some important questions.

Here we go with the questions.

Question 1. What is Hive to you.

A place where I can meet in freedom with my friends and chat about all things under the sun. Where we can support each other and also all of the other members on Hive. Respect and kindness are some of our habits, as the world is filled with anger, fear, doubt, dissatisfaction and selfishness.

Any fool can spread insults, but not many can spread positive messages of love and hope. @papilloncharity works with many ravaged souls and the rewards of life can be either bitterness, or happiness.

In this post I will show a few photos of our charity work!

Munsieville 100 2.JPG

Look! Dirt poor living in a shack, but she smiles!

Question 2. What do you want to see Hive evolve into.

Security and trust are major issues in life today. The one important lesson that we have learned in the charity world is the real value of trust. Hive should be focused to build trust in the communities. The “Don’t tell me, show me” mantra can replace much of the senseless noise of the advertising world.

A simple example for instance is to take a screenshot of your first download and to show the income on social media sites. I was advised to do this by a trusted friend and will do this. Fairness and opportunities for everyone will also help Hive to evolve into a popular site. No favourites, as we have seen how the trending page sows disappointed when it’s always the big names up there that walk away with the most value. Opportunities for All.

Maxonia 18 July 2018 2.JPG

Empowerment begins with education! Computers supplied to poor farm schools by Papillon.

Question 3. What do you think about having a large funded DAO for future Hive development?

I will show you here what works for us in the charity field. I am the author of all the Papillon projects.
Whenever I receive a request, I insist on the following.

1.Business plan. 2. Full summary 3. Duration. 4. Milestones. 5. Compulsory feedback on progress.
We don’t entertain submissions that have no limited duration, preferably 6 or 12 months.
Should we not be happy with the progress in reaching the milestones timeously, we simply end the project.

Of course with a large fund many other longer term options can be considered, but compulsory feedback and independent audits must be non-negotiable.
We have limited funding for projects and projects are screened according to importance, value and duration.
If only we had a large fund to create miracles hahaha.

Just some brief service delivery stats of our successes here!

Silver Years Home, Nappies donations. March June 2020 2.jpg

The reason why I shared this photo also in our previous "My Hive Introduction" post is because I am so proud of it.
This old age home was desperate as they did not have enough incontinence diapers (nappies) to last for the lockdown period.

Papillon supplied the diapers and we have also supplied to another call by the "Little Angels" home for cerebral palsy children. There are many others that need help, but we can only do so much.

1352 child workers graduated from our free trauma training.
1698 refurbished computers placed at worthy causes.
9969 skills courses attendants thus far.
423 Tons of donated goods freely distributed.

Question 4. What does Hive mean to me?

I am a simple old man that does not like to chatter and chirp. Hive means that I can continue to build an endowment fund for @papilloncharity and that its work can continue after I depart this planet. We have endured for 20 years now and the prospects at Hive look great to create this mini DAO charity fund for Papillon.

My other love is mother nature and I can continue to show the freedom that we have in nature to all. One can only create in freedom and I think that Hive, under the correct decentralized guidance can prove to be of great benefit to everyone.

Golden Sunset 2.JPG

Never face a sunset with a guilty conscience, rather allow it to burn the soul clean to enable a peaceful sleep!

And That's All Folks!

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes. All wording is also my own.
The above answers are also only my own opinion for what it's worth and not intended to harm anyone.

Thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity


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You have done a great job, my friend. I hope Hive will only help in continuing your journey!

Thank you and we continue to do what we do.
We also hope that Hive can make a change.

Hopefully, hive will move on to bigger and brighter things

Oh yeah, the hopes are high all over mate.

You do great work @papilloncharity...
and it is so good to see you here :)
I am not sure which picture I love more...the little girl with the big smile or the big sky on fire....
Both beautiful <33

Thank you my friend and I am posting the pictures that gives me the best memories.
Some great occasions in my life.
Blessings and take care!

I appreciate such a great job, happy to see you here with your quality contribution like the one I always appreciate, this hive will be strong.

Thank you and I am also happy to see you here my friend.
Always with your kind words.
Let's all hope that Hive will be good for us!
Blessings and take care!

Sure friend we are reading and I, following such an appreciated work, you are an example to follow.

And you are a blessing my dear friend.
Blessings and take care!

It's amazing how much work you have accomplished.

I think your experience in non-profit charity can be well applied to the DAO. The more money they want from the DAO, the better their proposal will have to be.

Thank you my friend.
Of course as a project manager you know the importance of having an experienced panel in place to consider the applications.
We see a lot of buddy-buddy favoritism over here and that is a big danger to effective projects. For instance, a friend or a family member puts a wishy washy project plan together, submits it, gets the funding and walks away with it. Providing solid reasons why the project folded. Of course the funding is split afterwards. Hope that I am not waking sleeping dogs here Lol

I don't consider applications in my role, but I have a good idea of what those people do. One of the main things is patience. If people act with a sense of urgency for something that isn't urgent, that is usually a serious warning sign.

Favouritism plagues almost every industry. There is really nothing that can be done to avoid it. Blind hiring can work at the screening phase, but for the next step it is impractical. We have open bidding on most things. Actually, I wonder if that could be integrated into the proposal system at Hive?

Instead of people making proposals to do themselves, people propose what needs to be done, then if it is agree that it needs to be done, there is open bidding on who can do it and the price they want to try and save money. It would help eliminate the idea that it could be done much cheaper by someone else.

Haste is waste as they say!
You are right as open bidding and community participation could be ideal. Trust should always be built via the open accountability route.
This could indeed work very well at Hive, especially as no one can then point fingers.
A good idea!

I am very grateful to HIVE for meeting such a noble person like you.

I am just an ordinary guy my friend and I say this not to appear humble, as it is the truth. Just a passion to help those that cannot help themselves.
Thank you for the kind words.

Wonderful to see you migrate over to continue the work of sharing, earning to assist a non-profitable charity survive.

How people live in shanty towns or old age homes, they must be so fearful with what is happening now.

There is no day that goes without the moon and no day that goes without sunrise and sunset. - African Proverb

Keep strong, keep safe, stay healthy.

@tipu curate

Thank you my dear friend and thank you also for always standing by us.
Ww have come a far way at Papillon and I want to give the ones that take over from me a jump start into the future, by working from a solid foundation.
The work is done, but the resources to continue the work are sadly lacking.
But by grace we can hopefully correct the situation.
Blessings and thank you once again.

Howdy sir papilloncharity! Great post and great photos to go with it!