Wednesday walking the doggies!

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Come and watch the antics of the dogs at the river in a public park today!

Our lockdown starts tomorrow (Thursday) night at 12pm, midnight.
3 weeks to stay at home. Imagine that as it is very difficult for me to be locked away from nature.
But we have to do this, as it will hopefully break the chain of virus infections.
So I will slowly build a new computer over this time period.

Come and walk with us today!

This post is also good for #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay


Here in South Africa the dogs drive themselves to the park for a walk lol!
Joking, as I asked the guy if I could take a photo.

IMG_0335 2.JPG

A pair of Von Sophia Rottweilers battling over a little stick and the Labrador is the referee!

IMG_0343 2.JPG

A fierce struggle for the log by these two warriors!

IMG_0344 2.JPG

But it seemed that the guy at the back won the tussle!

IMG_0466 2.JPG

Here is a Weimaraner that came to greet us and they seem to be popular with the home owners over here!

IMG_0488 2.JPG

She showed us her swimming skills at the deeper side of the river!

IMG_0482 2.JPG

Voila, stick retrieved like a champion!


This old guy also wanted to just walk knee deep in the water.
Maybe he was thinking about his younger days Lol.


Oh! And of course this "doggie" rested a fair distance away from the action at the river.

IMG_0352 2.JPG

Finally it was time for the dog brigade to depart!

And That's All Folks!

As the lockdown day approaches, I continue to feel entrapped.
We were locked in a broom cupboard as children for punishment and I have that same claustrophobic feeling creeping up on me.
But of course I am a survivor and the cottage roof must prepare itself for many visits by me and my camera Lol.
Such is life I presume!

We stand in union and prayer with every soul that is in lockdown across the world. May it be that we will beat this virus monster.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting @papilloncharity


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Here we are in the day 14 of the lookdown ^^ The first days were very difficult for the most part of us, not just because we can't go out, but also because all the news on tv and social media was really bad and made us full of fear and anxiety. Now we are in the right state of mind to wait the end of emergency staying safe inside home. It's not simple, but it's the only thing we can do to fight the contagion. Hugs from Itay ^^

Oh yes, the news in Italy is very bad and rather have things difficult for your own safety Lady Sivia.
We have stopped watching TV about a year ago and I only have a look at things that interest me here on the PC. If it is negative or violent, I simply don't look at it.
It helps to keep my mind strong!
Blessings and take care!

The doggos are so beautiful! It can be easily seen how loved they are :)

Thank you and you are so right to see how loved the dogs are.
People here really love and care for their animals.
Glad that you liked the post.

howdy sir papilloncharity! I feel for you, how is it going being inside? It's a total ban on going outside? Most places let you go for a walk or in your yard.

Greetings my friend and no, we are allowed to go outside into our garden. That's where I now live hahahaha.
Blessings to your Sunday!

I bet it feels strange not to go to church too! But I would live in the garden too.

Yeah, you are right my friend.