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Those two words scare Troy, our little Chihuahua/ Rottweiler so much that he runs and hides!

"Oh mommy"! "Please look and see that I am so clean and I really don't need a bath at all!

By the way, Troy is a Chihuahua that thinks he is a Rottweiler Lol

He even knows the route that we drive to the veterinarian doctor and after we pass the traffic light, he starts shaking in the car. The cheekiest dog in the country is scared of a bath and the vet Lol.
Thankfully he always sleeps his worries off afterwards and the next day he is as bright and bushy tailed as ever.
I will try to tell this story from his viewpoint.
Let's see what he says about it all!


"Oh no, old man, now you are going to show the world my privates, shame on you"!


"Now what are these mad people going to do with me"? "Drown me to go viral with a video on social media"?


"Oh no!, not drown but rather poison me with this new gunk that she is showing me"


"Look at him standing there with his camera, not a care in the world and I am about to die"!


"Oh no, they have tried to kill me in this tub many times before and I will just stand still this time".


"What?, she is finished and let me give that guy a bit of my mind!


"Yay! I made it and I am still alive. They have tried so many times before to kill me in that tub, but I have always survived".


"Oh yeah, let me get this stupid water off me as soon as I can"


"Come on, hurry up woman, I don't have all day to wait for you"!


"Ah! what a relief, finally free and funky again, seems that I have made it once again"!


"Nirvana here and I have to think about a new hiding place".


"Good night folks, I have been playing with dolly and now am taking a nap".

What a cadaver to bath this little guy, but he is maturing (14 years old) and I don't have to run around so much anymore to catch him for a bath. My trick to tell him "walkies" before we load him into the car to take him to the vet also doesn't work anymore, as he knows the way to the vet.
Dogs have their own thoughts about what we consider to be normal things and once they say no, it is difficult to change their minds. But it also depends on the species, as some dogs even allow themselves to be blow dried.
Our guy would think that we are going to roast him hahaha.

We hope that you have enjoyed the story and the pictures and may it lighten your burdens in the week ahead.

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I love pet stories 😁😁😁 have a great week ahead!

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Great to have posted something that you love my friend.
We have many pets, but most of them are wild animals.
By the way, we sent you an email yesterday. Please let me know if you got it!

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Oh, aren't they such babies?? In their other life, they are tough and the cheekiest little things on four legs!

I love your stories and honestly wonder how much of what you are saying is actually thought out loud by them! :)

How lucky to have such a good life with you and Lady Marian! And what a cutie he is! Especially when he is all fluffed up!


Hahaha, I don't think that they really talk like that Lady Denise, as they are the most loving beings on earth.
He is sleeping right here now under my chair as I type this and I love him almost as much as he loves me Lol

The bad news for him is that he has picked up some allergy that causes him to scratch incessantly. We took him to the vet and she gave us anti-biotics and a special shampoo at great cost of course. Now the little guy must be bathed 3 times a week and it is really a torrid time for him.
We can only hope that the stuff will work eventually as he is still scratching when he is awake.
Thank you for the kind comment and the tip dear friend!

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Thank you my dear friend!

What a fun post


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Hahaha, just a bit of fun JJ.
Glad that you liked it and thank you for the tip my friend.

most welcome ;)

👌 ❤️ 👌

Such a cool post Cuz, and coincidental. I am re-reading a sci-fi book by Clifford Simak, called City
Mankind has moved on, left the Earth to their dogs, being served by the robots as well.
Surgically modified, the dogs can now speak.

Now you see my cuz, this post of mine is affirmation that you are reading the correct book. Maybe you must do a post about the time that dogs can speak? I know one thing for sure that they will say to the robot servants; "Hey tin can, bring me a bone" hahaha

Good Morning @papilloncharity
I've almost finished it (again) last night cuz, it is quite the tail (deliberate malaprop)and really isn't very uplifting, not as far as mankind is concerned.
But if you have the time to read and the inclination to do so, it is a good story, albeit old; it started out as short stories in the middle part of the 20th century. I don't think it was assembled into a book until 1950 something. So some of the assumptions about how modern life would be for us are very outdated.

I think my wife would be more interested in that line my cuzzy. At the moment I am tied up in research and project writing. Charity of course.
But I don't think any of the old guys could figure out how far we have been "modernized" nowadays. Lol

Congratulations @papilloncharity

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Having big dogs the vet is always a chore, normally a walk around the park first to calm them down.

Bathing using a horse brush at the end of the hosepipe in the courtyard is where I pin them down, once wet all the dogs have relaxed and enjoyed the treat.

Troy sure is expressive in his old age, literally telling you with his eyes how he feels about the whole affair.

Have a wonderful day Stephen.

I think it's the smell that gets them whenever they enter the vets place Lady Joan.
Bathing big dogs is a pleasure compared to this little guy. I once had two big dogs and they loved the water.
Little Troy has picked up an itchy allergy and he now has to have 3 baths a week with a special allergy shampoo. Poor little guy already hates baths and we feel for him.
May your day also be good my friend.

Super cute! The secrets to getting dogs to love baths and willingly jump into tubs are

  1. Always prepare warm water. They despise cold water.
  2. Be gentle, pet then praise them for positive reinforcement.
  3. Massage while shampooing them simultaneously.

Mine loves massages. He thinks it's a reward :-)

Mine hesitated going to the vet too so I had to bring him for a walk so that it would urinate and poop before we go.

Oh thank you for the kind advice my friend.
As a pup Troy was taken to a dog trainer to help him socialize with other dogs, but little Troy had a harrowing experience as a pup and the trainer told us that there was nothing that he could do for him.
Now Troy is an old guy set in his ways and no amount of petting and loving is going to change his mind. Warm water or cold water, he hates all water Lol. Almost drowned when he jumped into a river trying to get into my canoe and since then, he and water has not been friends Lol.
I think it is the smell at the vets place that turn most dogs off.

What did that nasty vet do to him that he's so afraid? Shots?

Man's best friend, God spelled backwards. The most loyal animal to humans. Where would we be without them?

I think it is the smell at the vet that upsets him my friend. Hundreds of different dog scents and medicine certainly doesn't console him.
If only humans could learn to love like dogs do!
Indeed God spelled backwards, as if his love is like God's, imagine how much bigger God's love is for all of us!
Blessings and thank you!

Bath time can never be so fun especially with your furry friends. Now it makes me think why my doggies are thinking everytime I give them a bath.

Hahaha, thank you my friend and I don't think that dogs really think like that as they are too full of love Lol.

This was so funny and tender at the same time <3 Thanks for sharing :)

Hahaha, now don't you go and get the idea that dogs really think like that my friend Lol
He is just a very loving little creature that dislikes water because of a bad experience he had as pup falling into a river.
Dogs never forget Lol
Blessings and thank you!

Seeing Troy`s photos it reminded me of one of my pets I had in my childhood who hated baths as well. I am sure Troy feels much better after his bath!

Oh, he always recovers his self esteem after ever bath my friend Lol
He picked up an itchy allergy and the vet told us to bath him 3 times a week with a special anti skin allergy shampoo that she gave us.
Imagine hating a bath and having one 3 times a week. Poor little guy!
Blessings and thank you!

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Lovely photos of Marion and Troy. What an adorable dog. Animals seem to know what is going on especially when we are doing something they don’t like.

Thank you Lady Jo,the little old man is really such a pleasure to have around.And yes indeed the can recognize certain words.
He even knows when we are going out, as when he sees Marian getting dressed he automatically goes to his "house" in the other room to wait for our return.

Sweet little guy and I love his name (actually the same as my name, lol) Bath time is always a challenge, I would imagine your narrative of his thoughts are quite close to being true! Smarter than we give them credit for I would say! Great write today @papilloncharity :) Blessings for a great week my friend!

Troy? Your name Mrs. Bird? Mind you have never told me your name and that's why I always use your formal name.
You are most welcome to call me Stephen or Zac (nickname).
Dog's are indeed smart critters my friend, but I don't really think that their thoughts are as I have portrayed it Lol

I know that so well only with 31 and 48 kg that is a bit more work. Getting them showered is a daily thing as the hunt in the fields and preferably through the mud and the doc !!! Well that’s hell on his own. The pie , shiver and cry howl untill they are ready to go home

Hahaha,I feel so sorry for your battle my friend as Troy is only 4 kg and when he was younger I could spend a long time to search and to find him.
The vet I am sure is also hectic for you!
Blessings and thank you!

Oh, man. That's hilarious. I can relate to that. One of my dogs hates baths so much that he is making me hating it too.
He runs to the one squared meter garden we have and digs a whole as fast as he can so that I can be convinced that I am wasting my time. He has white fur that ends up brownish/blackish after the archaeological work.
Your Troy is a champ, all things considered, and he is adorable.

You see? Dogs are indeed very clever and your guy is showing you that he is very happy to be dirty hahaha. Maybe he thinks that you will start to see things his way and he is slowly getting it right, as now you also hate to bath him Lol. I think that they call it "Dog Psychology" Lol.
Blessings and thank you my friend!

Thank you for providing the opportunity to laugh about the wit of these little bastards.

Hahaha, just a bit of fooling around my friend, hoping to get a laugh about of people.

hahaha, believe me I enjoyed it too much and how I laughed imagining your little dog saying all those phrases. I loved it both in the dialogues and in the photographs. Most of the dogs run away to the bathroom hahaha, mine is called Thunder and hides every time he sees to take out the implements for the bathroom. A hug for you, I loved the Chihuahua that thinks it's Rothweiler. @papilloncharity

Glad that I could get you to laugh Lady Mary. Of course the phrases were only my imagination, as little Troy makes a person sad to bath him with his pleading eyes! Thunder is also very clever and you are right, as they watch the things that you do and the get used to the things that you use to bath them with.
All of the little chihuahuas that I have seen are cheeky little dogs. But also very loving to the people that they own Lol.

Troy is the cutest!! 🤗 I can’t believe you showed his probates to the hole world. 😮🤭😬 haha. That part made me laugh when I was reading it. Bath time is not fun after 14 years of experience with it. They begin to realize the little cues we give, but they never really get the fact that they will survive. Troy is all clean now. Good boy!!

Hahaha, a great comment here my friend and it is so amazing to see how they change after the bath. Almost as if they love to be clean and that they have escaped alive from another hateful experience.
When I saw standing opened up like that my human thought was just imposed upon the scene, as I would hate to be photographed in that position Lol. All of the ladies would gasp in astonishment Lol.
We have a good understanding and when he wants a treat from his "mother" he comes to jump against my leg. Waiting for the words; "Mommy, please give Troy a treat"
He is indeed a great little critter!
Blessings and thank you!

"Oh no, old man, now you are going to show the world my privates, shame on you"!

Hahahahahahaha! You fiend! And you didn't even label the post NSFW! 😂

NSFW? (Not So Fast Wow") Hahahaha!
Shame you are right, I should have waited for him to get his pants on lol.
A great comment here my friend and I giggled Lol.

Ha! You think he would appreciate getting cooled off with your hot weather but if you don't like water I guess you don't like water! (or is it only bath water?)
Such funny looks! Made me smile!
Thanks for sharing and glad Troy survived another bath!

Thank you my friend and poor little Troy has to have 3 baths per week with an anti allergy shampoo from the vet to clear his itch skin condition. Caused by the blazing sun.
He had an accident as a pup, as he fell into a river and since then he hates all water. Except to drink of course.
Blessings to you guys!

Awwww! That's adorable. He's a little cutie. My dog also does not like baths, but she is very good about getting into the tub and being compliant. She just waits patiently, ears and tail down, for the torture to be over!

Shame, always makes one to feel so bad when bathing them Lady Jayna.
Troy needs to be carried to the bath tub and then it is first the pleading scenes before he would succumb and the stand like a stone statue. Lol.
I am sure that you are right and that they see it as torture hahaha.

That's just too much water wasted he probably thinks #papilloncharity. Thanks for sharing. You know what happens after a fresh bath? Relaxation.

Thank you and you are so right my friend, as after every bath he becomes his old loveable self again. But I also think that he sees a bath as torture Lol.

  ·  last month (edited)

I just love your little stories, Troy the Rottweiler who's scared of bathing, but he's quite an old man now so no wonder;);)

Sorry for the late reply Lady Lizelle, but times are not good here!
We thought over time that he would get used to bathing, but let me tell you that dogs never forget a bad experience. He fell into a river years ago, trying to to get to me, as I was coming in a canoe and he hates water since then.
Blessings and thank you!

I love photographs, beautiful post.

Thank you for the kind comment my friend.

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lol..this is such a cute and funny post sir papilloncharity, well done! Dogs are great.

Hiya Sir @janton good to see you!
Glad that you liked the post.