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I simply could not walk past this wall at the entrance to the building!

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An artist was commissioned to paint the history of a small town in the Cape on an orange tiled wall at the entrance to the municipal buildings. The painting had to conform to a factual history at a time in the past when the town was established somewhere in the 1800s.
Come and have a look at this beautiful artwork!


This is the painting at the building and you can see that it is a large tiled wall!


I split the painting into sections on my camera to show you some details.


This is an ox wagon with a drivers inn beside it and people in their periodic fashions!


The top part of the painting that looks like a dark cloud from a distance, depicts the land with some delicate little houses and animals in it. Note the saddled horse at the left, that means someone is paying a quick visit somewhere.
For longer visits the horse would be unsaddled!


A closer look at the clothing fashions of the time period!
Not a mini skirt in sight Lol.


Some more detail at the left side of the dark land sequence!

IMG_1914 (2).JPG

And then the mountains right at the top as a background to the story!


Finally, here is today's photo of the peaks of those same mountains in the painting.

Amazing how the artist did that painting and for one, the artist had to prepare his materials for a very unusual ceramic tile canvas. Not modern tiles mind you, but a canvas that is almost a mosaic challenge.
Yet his lines flow fluidly over the many little tile joints and the painting camouflages the fact that it's only a tiled wall panel.
The black paint on the rusted orange background also matches perfectly.
Indeed a wonderful depiction of history!

So it seems that over time only the mountains stayed the same, as most everything else has been "modernized".
Some old sections and buildings in the town have been maintained in their original condition and they were declared as heritage properties. I for one adore the work of the old master builders and our modern styles of hasty constructions can never compete with the old way of construction.
Maybe I have been born in the wrong time period hahaha.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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What a fabulous piece of art! Wow!!!

Thank you Sir and I am in the process of some research into the story behind that mural history.
Glad that you appreciated it!

so unusually technik and so original, very nice!

Thank you kindly and glad that you liked it my friend.

WOW I love that art piece i am glad you got some close in shots to share with us so we can see the fine detail

The nice thing about the painting is that when steps into the actual road in front of the painting, it is the same road that is in the painting. But of course the road is now tarred and it has buildings at bath sides.
The artist painted only the road that leads to the mountains and not the other end that leads to the ocean.
During the painting period, these were all very big farms with only one or two inns on the road.
It must have been wonderful to live in all of the wide open spaces my friend.

Nice post my friend!! :)

Thank you kindly!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Blessings to your work!

So beautiful amazing idea of the posting

Thank you and I am glad that you liked the post my friend.

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Blessings and thank you!

Art is beautiful in all its dimensions, God bless the hands of those who are dedicated to it.

You are totally correct my friend.
Blessings and thank you!

Great painting! I love that historical period!
Skirts was much better than now...🤣
Happy that you can see the peaks... But clouds are epic!😉✌️

Thank you and the same here my friend as that was the age of adventures and discoveries. The age of starting new things and to build new places.
I also have a particular fondness for the mountains and the clouds.


The girl with the shorter skirt, has bloomers on underneath the dress. They were very vigilant back then to make sure the "evil" bare legs of women and girls would not be exposed! Not telling the damage they would have caused if the men saw bare legs, huh?

I'm being sarcastic of course.

I wonder if the painting could classify as graffiti? I really like some of the graffiti art I've seen.

Hahaha, well your sarcastic remark is indeed appreciated my friend.
I don't think that the painting is graffiti, as it is permanent in oils and was commissioned to depict a certain scene.
I also like arty graffiti, but the artists over here use spray cans of paint and after a while the works start to deteriorate and then it becomes messy!

Old Dutch scene in the Cape, very well done on tiles. Nice in orange and black, very descriptive artwork depicting that era. Nice find and lovely share in history in South Africa!

@tipu curate

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You know that I will never just walk past a scene like this Lady Joan, as it cries out to me.
Went to the library to see if I could find out who the artist is but nada, zilch, nothing.
Tried Google and still nothing.
Now I am even more inquisitive and will contact a few friends that I know, but find him I will.
Some fascinating articles in the library about the Dutch East Indies company that was once the biggest employer in the world. Amazing find and of course you know that van der Stel worked for them here in the early days of the Cape.

Gorgeous artwork. Somehow the artwork feel like a bit Japanese or is it just me. Must be the dominance of the dark colors.

I am sure that it's only the dominance of the dark colors my friend.
Glad that you liked the painting.
Blessings and thank you!

Pasar por tu blog siempre será una aventura llena de aprendizaje y calidez humana.
Admiro este tipo de trabajo. Hubo un tiempo donde pintaba sobre espejos quebrados y disfruté mucho de esa experiencia. Tal vez vuelva ha hacerlo de nuevo.

Un abrazo, @papilloncharity.

Reviewing your blog will always be an adventure full of learning and human warmth.
I admire this type of work. There was a time when I painted in broken mirrors and really enjoyed that experience. Maybe I do it again.

A hug, @papilloncharity

Thank you and also for the kind words my friend.
Maybe you should start to paint in broken mirrors again if it makes you happy.
We all have to try to do the things in life that makes us happy.

Un abrazo, @oneray

What a fantastic find!

Mind blowing to take a walk in that road and to politely greet everyone my friend.
The ladies curtsy and sniff delicately at their lavender infused hankies and the gents tip their hats.
Even that horse gave me a friendly snort Lol
Blessings and thank you my friend!

Born at the wrong time.. we all say that at some point. It would be nice to take a step back in time. There are a lot of things we could change as well. For the better! If the artist is correct, looks like a lot of erosion occurred over the last 200/225 years! Those mountains look like the ones I've seen in Hawaii with most of the soil/lava rock eroded away. Also the guy in the checkered coat looks mad. hehe. Great mural that has some fantastic meaning to the community. Nice!

Hahaha, I often take a step back in time by reading about it my friend. I think the artist just wanted to show a flow of the mountains, in order to compliment the black swathes of farmlands in the painting. But you are right as there are many jagged peaks in those mountains.
Maybe the guy in the chekered coat had a bad harvest, or he is a politician hahaha.
Blessings and glad that you understand the purpose of the painting my friend.

Lovely art Sir Stephen. I can see why you couldn’t just walk by without closely examining the work and delighting us with the photos.

Thank you my dear Lady Jo, I like to allow my mind the freedom to take a walk in all of the historic paintings.
I have even driven their ox wagons and took every old car that I see for a spin hahaha
Blessings and thank you!

Artists amaze me. I have no idea how they do what they do. And that goes for any artist who is really good at their art: music, writing, poetry, visual, dance. Anything. Very cool post.

Hahaha, I laugh here because you always come out with such truths my friend.
Shocking that I struggle to even draw a pencil and these guys come out with such fabulous works.

wow beautiful painting on wall. Awesome photograph sir.

Thank you my friend!


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@papilloncharity - amazing artwork, thanks for sharing it! I need to do something similar to the painting in our local post office lobby. Artists were commissioned from all over to paint murals back in the 1930s for post office lobbies and we're lucky enough to have one of them in ours.

I think that the same thing happened here in this case my friend, but I can't find any information thus far on the painting.
Would be great if you could do the same.

Lovely artwork @papilloncharity! You continue to amaze us with your interesting finds :) Blessings!

Thank you Mrs. Bird.
Hahaha, I continue to be amazed at the talents over here.
Will do a post again today about yet another artistic find.

A beautiful art that thank God can still be admired. The passage of the modern sometimes wants to take everything in its path, but there is always something left of the old to be admired in the new generations. Thank you very much for sharing. I loved the paintings on the ceramics, which must have been difficult to paint on that material. A hug for you.

Oh yeah, that painting certainly grabbed my memory banks my friend.
We should never forget the times past, as it will always guide us in the future. Sadly the modern culture is to dump the past, as greed is in control
I am sure that it was difficult to paint on that canvas, but the artist did a great job.

Amazing that you visited the same mountains in the paintings, @papilloncharity. They are a very different color in real life! 😆

Oh yeah my friend, real life is always a different color Lol.
I see those mountains every day and they are indeed beautiful.

And the paintings are really beautiful too!

That they are and thank you my dear friend.
Blessings and have a good Sunday!

That they are and thank
You my dear friend. Blessings and
Have a good Sunday!

                 - papilloncharity

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Beautiful paining on the tiles @papilloncharity. Thanks for sharing the history of the Cape. You can almost imagine the men grouped together standing there talking about some important business they must to attend to. And the lady with daughter are taking a stroll.

By the way, I wanted to ask whether you received notice of my donation to your foundation?

Oh my goodness! I saw something coming in, but never opened it, so I better have a look my friend.
Whenever I look at a historic painting like this I also let my mind wander into the period and I thought that the two guys were either bankers or rich wine farm owners. The ladies you would know more about Lol
I will let you know about the donation asap.
Blessings to you!

Wow! Wait, I just had a look and yes, we received a donation at PayPal on Friday, 2/14/202 so then this must be you. We have the details and Marian will send you a thank you letter. (I don't want to publish your name and your surname here), but we also have your email address!
A great thank you to you from me here!