Protecting our diverse community!

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He is worried as hackers has been to his IT account threatening his future in the community!

We are all vulnerable to attacks in the crypto world, be it hackers, scammers, tricksters and many other dangers. That is why it is so dangerous to become isolated and to try and go it alone. But thankfully we have "protectors" that we can turn to whenever we feel endangered.
Great leaders are also natural protectors in all and even unfamiliar circumstances!
Let me explain below what I mean!

IMG_7324 (2).JPG

A sheepdog is supposed to herd sheep, but here he is guiding the lost bird in the picture above to join the other members of the Hadeda Ibis community!
His natural protection instincts on show here, even though he is not in his normal occupation.


Mission accomplished, as the lost one comes in to land safely within the community.

IMG_7376 (2).JPG

And the sheepdog toddled off to do his own thing, knowing that the community is safe under his constant watch.

The true protectors follow their hearts and their instincts!


Remember, he is a sheepdog that is supposed to do his own thing herding sheep, but here he is guiding a hen and her chickens towards the food!


Did I say that the protectors work with diverse communities under their watch?
Here we have the sheepdogs and their community consists of chickens and chicks and even a cat.
So, protectors work with all nationalities, races, genders and ages!


And of course there will always be rewards for the protectors from the communities.

@steemcleaners @guiltyparties @freezepeach and the leaders of every community!
Also all of other souls that protect the communities, I hope that we can get a smile out of you here. Please know that we appreciate your great and tireless efforts to keep us secure.
This is also meant for the great people that so readily advise and protect our charity page.

Right, that done, Let me show you some lovely end of the day pictures!


A Sunset.jpg

Finally, just a word of wisdom here!


A human fallacy is to try and follow others in their set paths, but there are no set paths in life, as the unexpected lies in wait around ever corner. For everyone of us. Nowadays we end up screaming in frustration and anger if things don't go our way, as we all desire smooth sailing on still and calm waters.
But it is the storms in life that shape our character, and in every storm rests hidden opportunities. Instead of screaming and panicking, enter the storm to find the hidden opportunities and go and disturb their rest. Awaken them and guide them into your road. The truth is in our hearts and it is when we allow our natural instincts to take over, quite often happiness will be the result.
Think about it!

Note: All pictures are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes
A disclaimer here: This is our own personal opinion, and the post is not meant to speak on behalf of any other entities.
Camera used: Canon Powershot SX60 HD.

We hope that you liked the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity


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The true protectors follow their hearts and their instincts!
That is so true, and how coolis that sheep dog, a lovely post as always

Thank you my friend.
Just trying to get my simple messages out there.
Blessings to you guys!


Interesting looking bird.

I like the clouds and sunlight the best.

The bird is a Hadeda Ibis and most people hate them as their call is very loud. Imagine having one on your roof just before dawn and your dreams are shattered by a very loud ka-ka-ka- scream?
I put those last two photos in just for you hahahah
Blessings and thank you!

I once stayed at an inn that was next to a farm with quite a few roosters. I guess they can be nearly as annoying as the ibis. Locals would just get used to waking up earlier I imagine.

Taking advantage of light in photos is really difficult I find. Even if I think it looks good, sometimes it just doesn't turn out that way. I think our eyes and cameras capture light very differently.

Ah! I used to love the roosters wake up call and at the apple farm where we stayed before we moved here, there were 3 roosters that challenged each other with calls every morning. While it was still dark, I used to go and sit outside with a mug of coffee to wait for their calls hahaha.

A gig difference between a camera's eyes and our own my friend.I think dragonflies can see very similar to cameras because of their many optical sensors. They even have infrared capabilities.


wow beautiful birds. awesome photographs sir.

Ha Ha... Hadeda noisy bet he went up shouting some horrendous language unable to print!

All animals normally quite happy together. people are a different story, so the day continues.

Greetings; on a positive note thanking those looking after the blockchain, sharing information and updates, yes occasion has revealed small communities are strong together Stephen.

Hahaha, "some horrendous language unable to print"!
I was trying to explain their call elsewhere Lady Joan and this description is so unique. I had a good chuckle here.
Just trying to pass some simple truths along Lady Joan and people can certainly learn a lot from the animal ways.
Unity is strength my friend.
Blessings to you guys!

Yes, strength is required, back to no power a 10 minute count down, so will be back around lunch time!

Have an awesome day!

Do you guys also get 3 power cuts every day Lady Joan?
It seems that lately every day new history is made.

Of late we have 3 x 2 hour stints, my sister in Johannesburg says they are running 4.5 hours two to three times a day, so I'm not going to complain to loudly...

Appears municipalities run the show on how the hours are divided up, how many times a day are you guys getting?

We get 3 times a day, also 2 and a half hours each.
Marian's parents are also struggling in Joburg with the powercuts.
I have a guy coming here tomorrow morning to look at the possibility of supplying us with a secondhand inverter battery, that would negate the powercuts by keeping the essentials running.
Will let you know how it goes.

Good luck with the inverter battery, we have had a variety of backup systems that eventually packed in.

For some reason the reply system doesn't seem to work too well on e-steem today Lady Joan. This is the second time that I reply here to you today and let's hope that this one gets through!
We get a 2 year guarantee on the installation of the inverter and it works with two two deep cycle batteries whatever that means.
The poor guy cannot keep up with the demand, as it seems that everyone here is buying the system. Someone got something right somehow and it has a great write up. So let's see how it goes.


👌 ❤️ 👌 🤣

How great of you to thank our protectors! We have certainly seen some herculean efforts to keep us safe by so many wonderful people!

Sadly I don't think that any of the protectors even saw the post my dear friend. But of course they are tied up in protecting Lol.
But it serves other purposes such as showing the communities what's being done for us all and that's enough for me.

It was kind of you to write it, and I suspect you are right. They are busy protecting and planning a way forward for all of us. They need all the good energy we can send them, I'm sure! ❤️

It is going to be a long and hard fight by the looks of it my friend.
But we shall endure!

Howdy sir papilloncharity! I agree, we have some tremendous leaders here and those are great photos!

It seems that it is going to be a very long and drawn out battle, Sir @janton. And now also with the $500 billion steem disappearing, it's only going to make things worse.
Is it steem or bit coins that disappeared?

I'm not well informed sir papilloncharity, I don't know anything about $500 billion worth of anything disappearing, that's a huge figure!

Oh yes and I saw someone mention that they brought the halving of Bitcoin forward, but another said no, that the money was actually taken out.
Keep an eye on twitter.

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