Mother nature invading a Car Wash!

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You will find this hard to believe! A car wash employee called to show me an amazing thing today.

I saw a very unusual sight today. The car wash is a business in our town here, and they clean the public's cars by high pressure washers and then they vacuum inside and dry the cars.
But something else was going on at this particular business, and we went to go and investigate.
Come and join with us in the investigation.
You will surely be amazed!

IMG_0728 (2)_LI.jpg

This is the car washing business, and keep your eyes on the washing room at the right.

IMG_0729 (2)_LI.jpg

Specifically keep your eye on the two yellow circled areas!


A couple of Red-wing Starlings arrived, male on the left with a big bug...and female on the right!

In the next three photos, the male flies down onto the tar road and he starts to seriously beat the bug up!



This guy was busy killing the bug!


Here he prepared to fly with the dead bug!


Surprise, surprise, he flew into the open roof of the washing room! The female accompanied him!


This is the center of the yellow ring that I told you to keep your eyes on!
I took this photo, but could not quite see what was in there due to the heat of the blazing sun, creating waves under the steel sheets of the roof. It must be one hell of a hot under those steel sheets!


But the heat didn't bother the Starlings, as look what happened here!


Oh yeah...nature lives in an operational car wash business, and even the spray from the high pressure washers does not bother the new residents.

Certainly one very hungry baby this, and the food looked to me to be much too big for the baby!


I think the dad also realized that the food was too big, and took up a different position; determined that the baby should eat at all!


This guy practically forced that whole bug down the baby's throat! Lol.


Afterwards, the mom popped in with something in her mouth...which tells me that there were two babies, but I could not see the other one as it was hidden behind the steel plates!

And now for the lower yellow circle!


Two young Rock pigeon babies that were also born on that drain pipe under the roof.
Since they have grown, the mom and dad kicked all of the nesting sticks off the drain pipe onto the floor of car washing bay.


It is still very hot over here in the high temperatures, and below I want to show you the different views of the mountains on a very hot day!


This was our early morning view. A bleak, bleak faded mountain look, created by the fierce sunlight!


Here we have a view in the later afternoon, and you can clearly see how the heat haze covers the mountain!

And that's all folks!

We find that due to the drought in several areas, that many animals and insects are invading the towns and the suburbs!
Some never seen before, but the drastic weather changes are forcing Mother Nature to make alternative plans in order to keep her wild residents alive. Crows nest in the roofs and we also have about 8 pairs of different birds occupying nests in our own garden. It just shows that mankind and wild animals can live together, and we will just have to as we destroy so many of their habitats in the name of progress.

One of these days we might have an elephant living in our dining room, if it carries on like this. Hahaha...
But what I am saying, is that nature will always find a way how to overcome obstacles. Huge ancient temples are being reclaimed by nature's growth, trees can grow in rocks and nothing except mankind's poisons (that last for hundreds of years), can overcome nature.
We should love her, and nourish her for the benefit and life of all mankind and animals in order to secure the future of this planet.
Think about it!

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures, and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity


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Mother Nature takes care of everything. I hope you won't get that elephant at your dinner table anytime soon!

Hahaha! I share your hopes my friend.

Haha, eat your dinner, son! How cool they took up a roost there. We have many starlings here.

Hahaha, oh yeah, that old man force feeds his kids it seems Lol.
Glad that you liked the post my friend and great that you guys also have many starlings.


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oh my word...those starlings are definitely fearless! They want to protect their babies at any cost and just imagine, a free sauna all day long, lol What a fun giggle to start the day with @papilloncharity. Love it, and love that mountain view as well! Blessings!

Thank you and glad that you liked the post Mrs. Bird.
I just wanted to show that nothing is going to stop Mother Nature's residents from doing their thing.

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Starlings are such clever birds, nest in most amazing places nice you got to see the feeding session Stephen.

Rock doves apparently may become problematic if they get into thatch roofed homes, only ever see those when we go to the Drakensberg.

Thanks for another amazing share and photography.

Full up with the Rock pigeons over here my friend and we even have a pair resident here. In the past they were rare visions, but I think the weather changes pulled them into the towns.
The Starlings are real opportunists and although many hate them, I find them cute.

Starlings chase Indian Mynah birds away, quite funny when one arrives the others scatter... Definitely don't share territory!

Oh yeah and so true my friend. I have seen a couple of scraps between Starlings and Indian Mynahs and they definitely do not take kindly to them.

#posh share; Source

Who would have thought they would build a nest there

Have a greta day and a good weekend

One would think that it was impossible my friend.
They even fly around the heads of the staff Lol.
Hope your weekend is also great!

I would never have expected to see one there for sure

I hope your weekend is going well :)

Weekend is done my brother and I think that I got some great shots of the sunset a little while ago. Hope that you are also strong for the new week.

I look forward to seeing the sunset shots, and I hit send on my last reply to early sorry to hear the load shedding is making things so hard


I also often make that same mistake JJ. Sometimes I don't hit the reply button after I have typed a long reply and then I have to do the whole thing over again. So tedious!

Ohh I am glad to hear I am ot the only one who does that LOL

👌 ❤️ 👌

This is the love towers the baby Starlings. Awesome photographs sir.


Wow... so the wild animals come close to people because they don’t have water and food, right? Poor things.

Yep! Sadly that's the way it is my friend!
This world is in real trouble.

Yep! Sadly that's the
Way it is my friend! This world
Is in real trouble.

                 - papilloncharity

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Love to see the baby birds! And momma and poppa!
Also the rockpigeons!
Where they chose to nest can seem funny sometimes but obviously it was a good place for the pigeons have thrived and the young ones seem fine too!

Very sad about the destruction of their natural habitat but they do seem to adapt and I love to see birds animals and people co-habiting peacefully!
Thanks for sharing!

Oh yeah, the animals are integrating wonderfully with the people and it seems that a new dimension will soon exist, especially with all the new babies being born in urban settings.
Soon we will have them all around us.

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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Wow! Another one! PHC certainly knows how to support their members.
Thank you for the kindness.