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Unbelievable that this small Cape Rock Hyrax belongs to the African Elephant family!

Watch the Penguin VIDEO near the end of this post!

We arrived home late yesterday from our visit to Stony Point Nature Reserve and it was too late to upload any videos in yesterday's post. So I decided to also include a video for you here in today's post.
Penguin's have very short legs and it was amazing to see how they hop over the rocky terrain, but the video is about them going for a swim.
There are also many other kinds of animals and birds in the reserve and I will show you a few here.
Also keep an eye out for the penguins nesting habits here below.
Let's take a walk!


Not named Stony Point for nothing, had it not been for the wooden walkway, we would not have been able to walk in this rough terrain!


But of course it is also a haven for the African Penguins!


Like I said, it is rocky and rough, especially with a strong cold wind and agitated waves crashing into the rocks!


Here is another little Rock Hyrax, known as a "Dassie" in Afrikaans and also as a Rock Rabbit!
But now, how is this little guy related to a huge Elephant?

"A Dassie is considered to be the closest living relative of the largest land mammal, the African Elephant, and also of the Manatee (Sea Cow) and the Dugong (also a type of sea cow).
The most convincing evidence for these relationships is based on DNA".



Penguins and Cormorants also share the reserve, as Cormorants don't eat the Penguins eggs!


Many Cormorants on the rocks with a Penguin dancing in the water below!


You can see the close relationship between the Penguins and the Cormorants!


A Penguin on her nest playing peek-a-boo with us. Note the man made shell that serves as a nest!


Some Penguins nest in man made apartments Lol, and others dig holes under the bushes in the area.


If a hole is occupied, a guy stands watch outside at the entrance!


Hey, this "watchman" needs to be fired, as he is asleep on his feet. Lol.


There used to be a whaling factory here in Betty's Bay and this was either a look out spot, or a light tower!


Here is the history of the tower above that is situated right at the tip of the bay!

Now for the VIDEO below!

Hope that you enjoyed the short show!


Stony Point itself and it's wild residents are also a sketching or painting artists dream.
We saw a few of these ladies doing their thing to the multiple sounds of the sea and nature!


There was another artist doing her thing!

And That's All Folks!

A wonderful outing with so much to see that it would take 10 posts to show you everything. I have decided to make this the last post that focusses mainly on the African Penguins as they are such cute little critters.
Kudos to the people at Cape Nature that take care of the animals, and also to the universities that do regular studies here at Stony Point, for the benefit of the animals.
Maybe one day the Penguin population will be restored and removed from the danger list.

Just a note here, I am thinking of doing some ocean scenes tomorrow and here is a sample below.

IMG_5576 (2).JPG

A Tern in the wall of a huge wave. Hope that you will also like the post!

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and the video, and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity


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@papilloncharity - awesome! Love your animal antics posts!
@tipu curate

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Thank you my kind friend.
I love to explore Lol

Nice captures, I have a !DERANGED for you 🙂

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Thank you for the kindness my friend!

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Stony Point itself and it's wild residents are also a sketching or painting artists dream.

I have always wanted to do some work out doors, but never seem to get around to it. Looks a bit windy and cool even.

That little Rock Rabbit has a DNA link to a manatee and elephant?? How weird is that? Got to love science. Cute little thing.. probably would bite me when I went to hug it. Or fleas would jump off of it on to me. Just my luck! Love that name Rock Rabbit.

Looks like an awesome spot for a day trip! Glad it was beautiful weather for your picture taking :-D

As an artist it will appeal to you my friend.
Amazing what the DNA testing can reveal.
The place was indeed cold, but penguins thrive in the conditions.
Blessings and thank you!

One day.. one day I will travel the world and may just find myself there :-)

We never know what the future holds my friend and I hope that your "One day" will come true!

Than you :-) me too! Blessing to you as well.

The first looks kinda angry though :D

Hahaha, no he was busy eating the leaves in the bush my friend.

So cool that you can go an see the penguins. There are not many inhabited places that they hang out in. I'm not sure I've seen a hyrax in the flesh, but I did know they were related to elephants.

Well you are one up on me, as I have seen many hyraxes, but never knew that were a part of the elephant family.
The visit to the penguins was a great experience my friend.
Blessings and thank you!

Aww those penguins have pink eyebrows!😍💗

Ha! You know that you are the only one that has seen their pink eyebrows?
Nobody else has remarked on it and unfortunately due to the cloud my camera couldn't show the colors clearly.
I don't edit my photos otherwise I could have put the pink colors in Lol.

Fantastic images, thank you, for sharing!

That last one with bird & wave belongs on the cover of a magazine... Bravo!

Thank you for the kind words my friend!

What a beautiful post i would never have guessed that thing is somehow related to the Elephant amazing really

Thank you JJ and I think that if you and I had our DNA tested by the zoologists, we would be seriously surprised by the results hahaha.
Maybe we are of Yeti the snowman kind Lol

LOL yeah the results may well would be eye opening for sure I think I would find I am closer related to Apes than I think LOL

Hahaha. So funny here JJ.

Cheers and !BEER
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You are certainly in a good mood today JJ.
Blessings to you guys and thank you for the kindness.
Btw. What date do you stop in February?

I try to be ina good mood every day :) and my last day is the 28th of February and getting closer and closer

Hahaha, I know and that date is just around the corner my friend.
All strength and blessings to you!

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Lovely photos and wow... African Elephant?? It looks cold to draw, just saying.

Hahaha, yeah it was a bit cold, but the penguins like cold weather.
Glad to see you again my friend.
Blessings and thank you!

Welcome, and blessings to you!

it's artists everywhere!!!

Hahaha, oh yes and I am sure that they enjoy it.

Hard to image that Cape Rock Hyrax belonging to the African Elephant family! I wonder what characteristics other than DNA are similar to the elephants?
I could see spending hours and hours watching those cute penguins!
Thanks for sharing about them, a world so different from my part of the world!
Looking forward to seeing your ocean scenes!

Thank you my friend. I could not see anything that could tell me that the Hyrax' belong to the elephant family.
The penguins are indeed a joy to watch in their natural environment.
I first had to do the Oxfam report today, but will get to the ocean scenes sometime.

The Cape Rock Hyrax is looking almost like a badger or woodchuck to me. Just not an elephant! :)

What a wild ride those penguins are on, aren't they? They are so adorable! I had no idea that cormorants and penguins could cohabitate so well. And those penguin houses are brilliant.

This post is filled with awesomeness! I love to follow you around! Have a wonderful Friday!


May your Friday also be filled with love and joy my friend.
I was just as surprised to discover the Hyrax relationship to elephants.
It is a happy home for the penguins and the cormorants and apparently the breeding season is the time to be there. Babies all over the place.
We will be sure to catch them on camera.
Thank you for the kind words and the tip.

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Thank you for the kind support!

I've always loved penguins! And the one playing peek-a-boo is great!

Hahaha, that peek-a booer was so cute my friend.
Thank you and are you finished with the operations now?
Blessings and hope your Friday is good!

Hello sir. this Rock Hyrax is looks like murmut which i share photographs in my yesterdays post. Nice post.

Hahaha, yes indeed it does look like a marmot my friend, but they are not from the same species.

What lovely photography to share the penguin kingdom along with wildlife found on the rocks Stephen.

Hopefully one day the tide will turn with African Penguins coming off the endangered list.

!tip .5

Thank you for the kind tip Lady Joan and we can only pray that the penguins will increase. It was indeed a great visit and we will be back.

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Wonderful photos again sir papilloncharity! Great scenes and information too. That is wild about the Rock Hyrax!

Thank you my friend and we were also amazed at the lineage of the Hyrax.