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This cute little guy is not a toy Lol, but rather a real live bird in a penguin colony!

Raining and cloudy here early this morning and ideal weather for a trip along the coast to visit the Stony point Nature Reserve. The land of the African Penguins.
We wanted to visit for a long time, but it was always too hot and we had to wait for cooler conditions.
So the weather was right today for a visit to the little coastal town of Betty's Bay where the reserve is located. Fortunately we are now out of the holiday peak season and not many people travel in rainy weather. We had a clear run to the town that is approximately 50 kilometers away.
But enough natter, come and join us on the visit.


Here you can see the famous "Hangklip" (Hanging Stone) that we passed along the way!


The rain did not trouble us, as we are used to travelling in any weather!


And here we have arrived at our destination!

IMG_5258 (2).JPG

First up to meet us was a juvenile penguin in the molting stage!
Molting means that they lose their junior feathers that are replaced by adult feathers!


A friendly couple came walking past to greet us Lol.


Here was a crowd doing what penguins do!


These guys had a meeting to discuss the weather conditions Lol.


They have holes in the bushes on the shore and one guy is always outside keeping a watch!


A couple here sitting on their verandah.
I think they discuss the fashions of the visitors hahaha!


A pair of athletes practicing for the Penguin Olympics Lol!


A great wooden walkway stretches through the colony for visitors to enjoy the views!


This guy came to chew a matter over with us on our way out!


On the road back home again and I took many shots of the fantastic scenery!


Just a last look to show you one of the beautiful sights!

Right, now here below is my beef!


Why, oh why are we in this situation?
What about our children and their children if all of these little beauties have to become extinct?
Oh well, just another species on the danger list???
Why can the human race not get their act together?
Instead of striving dementedly after riches and comfort, there are issues that are much more important in life, such as taking a hand to preserve the very nature that keeps all of us alive.

All of our praises to Cape Nature in their efforts and we will become members still in this week.
Here is a bit more information about Stony Point directly from Cape Nature!

"Stony Point Nature Reserve"
"Stony Point Nature Reserve is home to one of the largest successful breeding colonies of African Penguin in the world.
Located in the quaint coastal town of Betty’s Bay in the Overberg, the Stony Point Nature Reserve is home to a unique colony of African Penguins. Stony Point offers the public the chance to see these wonderful flightless birds up close, via the boardwalk through the colony, which allows the public to observe the penguins go about their daily activities in their natural habitat, without disturbing or disrupting them".


We hope that you have enjoyed the photos and thank you for visiting the blog of @papilloncharity


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Never knew African penguins exist. You live in a wonderland my friend. You get to see all these magnificent sceneries and all kind of animals and plants. Blessed be!

Thank you and I am glad that you enjoyed the Penguins my dear friend.
We are indeed blessed with so many aspects of nature and it's residents in the area.

As usual a beautiful post 🙂 Sympathetic penguin

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Thank you my kind friend!

Aaaawww cuteness!!!🐧💞

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Thank you and cuteness indeed my friend!

How barbaric, how ignorant of me! I didn't know there were African penguins. They are really beautiful and they seem to like to have their pictures taken because they look like models. They look very good in the lens.
Excellent post, my friend.

Barbaric? You? Never, as I don't think so. I am not even going to say that you are ignorant as there are many things that we do not know my friend.
Glad that you enjoyed the post and now you know that there are wild African Penguins Lol.
Blessings and thank you for the kind visit!


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I never knew you had penguins in Africa - how wonderful!
Glad they set up a nature reserve!
Was it the destruction of habitat that put them on the endangered list?
We have one of the last free range Bison protected in the national park close to our home. They made special arrangements with farmers around the park to compensate for them browsing in their fields! Lovely to see the bison in their natural habitat just as it is wonderful to be able to see the penguins in their natural habitat without disturbing them!
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you my friend, I still shiver at the thought that there were hundreds of thousands of Bison once and that mankind has succeeded to eradicate them to mere single numbers nowadays.
Destruction of habitat, over fishing and predators are a big problem over here. Thankfully Cape Nature protects them now.
I will do another post to show their nesting habits!

Great to see the Jackass Penguins again - do they not call them Jackass Penguins anymore?

I remember them fondly from my days as a penguin catcher for the research project at the University of Cape Town.

Ah! I keep on forgetting that you were here my friend.
No, they, or somebody has decided that "Jackass" is not a politically correct name, especially when applied to politicians Hahaha.
So glad that you have personal experiences with them as they are great little characters.
Blessings and thank you for the visit!

Good to hear even penguins are not immune to political correctness...

Hahaha,so funny my friend.
Eradicate the name to avoid being named as it!

That rock you passed is pretty impressive and how cool to see all those penguins

One huge mother of a rock my friend.
Glad that you enjoyed the penguins.
I think that you can also view the post as a #wednesdaywalk unofficially of course. Twisted rules and such you know 😉

Well apart from being created by me the Wednesday Walk Rules are not twisted non existent is more apt no rules just guidelines but I agree this counts officially as a Wednesday Walk

Blessings to you my brother!

and to you my friend

Have a good Friday my friend.
Blessings to you guys!

TGIF and have a good weekend

👌 ❤️ 👌

#posh share; Source

I added this place to my bucket list. The penguins are so adorable!!! The landscape looks beautiful too! Somehow in my mind I always pictured penguins in a much colder climate! Never too late to learn new things!

Lol, it was cold and wet during our visit and I have never seen so many penguins concentrated in one area my friend.
They also have nests all over the place, some man made and others natural in the bushes, which means that they are happy in the place.
I will do a few more posts about the visit.
Blessings and thank you!

Boulders Beach was on the news just the other day that the Penguins are not enjoying large crowds, public taking selfies along the walkways, going off walkways into the colony, it is so sad humans don't respect the small patches open to view.

Had the good fortune of seeing both spots long before tourists arrived, will treasure memories of these adorable guys enjoying life, no we were not allowed up close to them, parents strictly forbade it.

I still cannot understand why anyone would want to take a selfie with a penguin Lady Joan.
There are signs all over the place, but they are simply ignored in the rush for "stardom", or should I call it "stupidom"
Maybe a court of law should sentence them to a selfie with a hungry lion Lol.
You had very wise parents my friend.

People ignore signs, cannot read, don't wish to read, then all cry about climate change, animals species dying out.

The loudest are normally the guilty parties.

No excuse, blatantly stupid, along with a big dash of ego!

You have taken the words out of my mouth Lady Joan.
Self importance and ego are cancers in society!

African Penguins are so cute. Nice photographs sir.

Thank you and they are cute indeed my friend!

Beautiful scenery Sir Stephen and the photos of the penguins are awesome. For sure we need to help the species going extinct. If we are not careful we will be next.

Thank you Lady Jo and I think mankind is in a great hurry to become extinct.
We really enjoyed the outing.

I've always wanted to see penguins in the wild. You are so lucky!

I've always wanted
To see penguins in the wild.
You are so lucky!

                 - abitcoinskeptic

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It was a great outing my friend and the drive around the mountains at the coast was also stunning.
Vast expanses of ocean with the sun and the winds dancing on the water.
The penguins are indeed a unique experience!
Blessings and thank you!

Great post, I never went to the Betty's Bay colony, but once went to Boulders Beach, where we could also watch them, and it was great fun watching them play in the waves!!

Thank you my friend.
Been to Boulders Beach, but too commercial for my liking.
Glad that Stone Point is miles away in the rough, as it's so much closer to nature as it should be.

Very interesting sir papilloncharity! I just asked a question about the penguins in the last post. lol..so my question was answered and then some, very fine photos, I love the markings on them.

Oh? I can't see the answer Sir @janton, but I have also tried to answer you in my own way. They are indeed good looking little critters and so cute to see them hopping about.

I never expected to see them in South Africa! It's a wonderful surprise so well done sir papilloncharity.