An amazing encounter today!

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Do we have a future Michaelina Angelo here?
She is 2 years old and discovered some coal in her father's barbeque. Her canvas is the wall next to the front door Lol.

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Ever heard of a Brinjal Afghan Hound?
Neither have I and I will show you after the post introduction pictures of what one looks like.
At the moment the wind is ripping through here at 75 kmh and that's why I am posting earlier.
Come and have a look below!


Bleary and cloudy and windy this morning on our way to church!


This is where we go some Sundays to have some coffee and I also love to take photos here!
It is a wine farm near the mountains.


Here he is! This is a Brinjal Afghan Hound and he is almost one year old!


His name is "Brinjal" and I was so interested in him that I forgot to ask his owners name hahaha.


They ran all over the place and here he is taking a short pit stop Lol.


Afterwards made a short stop at our favorite public park and we always park under this tree.
Guess who followed us?


The same lady with the Afghan Hound, but I didn't stop her, as I was here for another purpose!


The park has wide open skies and I come here to get shots of birds in flight, as you can see here.
Two pied crows playing games in the strong winds.
But I will show you more bird shots in another post, as this one is getting long!


This was my final shot at the park as we headed for home!

And That's All Folks!

You can find more information on Afghan Hounds here;

Just a bit of a break away from all of the troubles that cloud our minds about the recent events. It is good to take a break occasionally, just to recharge the batteries in our heads Lol.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting @papilloncharity


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we have same topic sir :) encounter :)

Sounds great and I will have a look my friend.

that dog! 😂😂

Hahaha, thank you and the dog is indeed magnificent.

#posh share; Source

That first shot is so so cute :) and WOW what an impressive hound ;)

Thank you JJ and that dog is also so friendly.
Tried to lick me all over hahaha.

Well it sure looks big enough to lick one all over

Such a lovely animal and glad that he is taken well care of JJ.

Wow! This post is a hit! Always a pleasure stopping by and seeing your photography. !trdovoter

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Wow! You have great taste my friend and all blessings to you and your family. Thank you for the kind words and the gifts!


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Thank you @theyeti and @stacied for the kind support!
Blessings to you guys and your work!

That's an interesting dog. I wonder if Afghans keep them as pets. I know some cultures in that have a low opinion of dogs.

Thank you and I think that the Afghan originated there, but it has since spread to other parts of the world.

Sleek beauty in tall dogs, have not seen an Afghan Hound in years.

Emotions and movement over the mountain always some big birds around riding the thermals having fun.


Oh yeah, this is indeed a part of nature's paradise and that Afghan was certainly an amazing sight.
Blessings and thank you for the tip my friend!

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