A 24 Hour Flower!

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This cactus beauty lasts for only 24 hours!

Imagine waking up in the morning and this is the first thing that you see.
We already had 3 others, but the rain wouldn't allow me to get good photos of them and this morning we only had soft fairy rain off and on.
So this was my chance to get this cactus wonder on my camera.
Come and take a look because tomorrow it's gone!


This is the area that I am going to convert into a rock garden for succulents!
You can see that I am slowly gathering all of our potted cactus and other plants.


Of course the garden residents pop in to have a look at what I am doing!


This is what I have been watching for the last 3 days!


I doubt that they are watching it, as all that they want are nuts hahaha!


This was the early, or first stage of the flower opening from it's pink cocoon style bud!!


Here's the last dry shot that I got of the flower!


But the flower looked even more beautiful in the fairy rain!


What a lovely sight do we have here?


Finally an Acraea butterfly also popped in to have a look at the flower!

Now before you stone me because I have not mentioned the name, or the type of the flower, have a look at this;

Echinopsis cactus flowers!

"What’s an Echinopsis? A type of cactus originally from South America that features amazing flowers … amazing in at least four ways:
– The flowers of most Echinopsis varieties are incredibly colorful, often featuring two or more hues working in harmony.
– The flowers are often giant … 5″-6″ in diameter … and frequently dwarf the cactus that grows them.
– They frequently appear in flushes of multiple flowers opening at the same time"
– Most types of cacti produce just one flush of flowers each year".

"But Echinopsis can produce flush after flush of flower for as long as the daytime temperatures remain above 70F/21C.
Echinopsis is pronounced Ech … in … op … sis. But where does the name come from? Once you understand the its Greek roots, you’ll discover the name makes great sense.
“Echin” comes from the Greek word “Ekihnos,” which meant both sea urchin and hedgehog. (Yes, it does seem like Greek speakers way back when might have come up with distinct words for these two pretty different creatures, but apparently they did not).
The “opsis” at the end of Echinopsis is another Greek word, one which means “resembling” or “appearance.”

"So Echinopsis means hedgehog resembling or sea urchin appearance. A very accurate description for this genus of cacti that are often ball shaped growing to about 6” in diameter and, yep, covered with hedgehog-like and sea urchin-esq thorns".

Source of (""); http://echinopsis.com/

Right here you have it, a flower with a Greek name and we call it a "Hedgehog" because they are spiky little creatures. The same as the plant base of this flower.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity



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Nature is just awesome - I do not understand people who do not appreciate it

Money has changed all that my friend. People thank me in surprise as they have also started looking up at the skies. Can you imagine going through life and never at least take a glimpse of the sky?
Material things and the chase after them has moved nature on the back burner for thousands of people.

That is true and so sad that because of money so many bad things are happening , but at least there are some truly good people left.

Let's hope that the old story in history about the good always beating the bad will repeat itself my friend.

Awesome shots and isnt nature so amazing such a beautiful flower and only for 24 hours. Am glad you were able t catch this one


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wow beautiful flower. awesome photographs sir.
Beautiful pose by squirrel.

Thank you my friend.
Do you guys also have cactuses and squirrels?

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A sincere thank you!

Beautiful shots as always @papilloncharity

The flower's colour is stunning and you've captured it like a pro. Mr squirrel is looking very inquisitive too.

Great job.


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Thank you and it's certainly an amazing flower my friend.
It even looks more beautiful in the midnight shot that I took last night on the flash.
Squirrels always come to look whenever I am in the garden.

Lovely photos of this beauty that only shows up for a short while! You're also having rain! Looks like the whole country is, here we're heading for floods again; I just hope it rains in the farming areas where it's so very dry as well! Gorgeous post!

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Sadly it seems that the drought areas are not getting rain my friend.
The storms seem to only run up on the coasts.
Take care.

The flower lasts for only 24 hours but does it blossom only once a year?

Thank you and yes in certain conditions they can blossom only once a year. However depending on the humidity, especially in tropical areas they can continue to blossom. We are near the coast of the cold Atlantic ocean and I don't yet know what it is going to do here.

Those are beautiful flowers (and cute squirrel photos too!)
My friend use to have a lovely cactus collection in her house with the beautiful blooms but they were just to infrequent and I didn't care to have such thorny plants in the house, I'll just enjoy them over at her house.

We have no cactus this far north but I remeber going to pick cactus berries as a girl and dad had transplanted some of the cactus into our yard for the beautiful flowers.
Raindrops sure add to the beauty!
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you and glad that you also know cactus plants and flowers my friend.
We don't have any in the house, as they grow much nicer outside in the sun.
They are hardy plants that don't need much attention and their flowers are indeed beautiful.
These ones originate from South America and it explains why you guys have none, as the weather is different.
Glad that you liked the post.

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Our most beautiful flowers always appear to be surrounded by thorns, these cactus blooms are stunning Stephen.

Such is life also Lady Joan, brimming with thorns and whenever I see how the squirrels and the birds move through the thorns, it reminds me of the way that we as humans also find our ways through our troubles.
You should see that bloom at midnight my friend.
Almost unbelievable how it changes colors!


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you sincerely for the kind support.

Nice shots. The flower looks so angelic.

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Thank you and a great way to describe the flower as angelic my friend.
Pure and beautiful!

Beautiful flower! Really... only 24 hours? You managed to catch it at a good time then!

Only a flash of supreme beauty my friend.
Also took some midnight and early morning shots of it on the camera flash and it came out amazing.

I love this squirrel))

Thank you and maybe good for one of your drawings my friend.

Ohh ok, I learned about that beautiful cactus flower that I asked you in another post. You are an encyclopedia my friend, lots of good vibes going your way 👍🙌👏

Ohh blessings as I just answered you in the other comment my friend.
Thank you for this kind comment.
All blessings to you!

Howdy sir papilloncharity! You mean that cactus only blooms once a year and only then for 24 hours?? Wonderful photos here sir.

Greetings my friend, yes in our conditions the flower only bloom for one day, but in tropical conditions they can bloom in flushes many times in a year, albeit one day only.
A most delicate and beautiful flower growing from a spiky base.

I wonder if they attract any bees for pollination? The timing would have to be perfect!

Nope, one butterfly came to have a brief look, but strangely not one insect touched it and we have many here. Maybe it is poisonous and I will have to have a look at its properties.

Yes that would make sense, if it was poisonous. I thought insects would be wildly attracted to it.

Gosh, so beautiful... We have these at our garden but never see them flower before!

Thank you and glad that you liked the flower my friend.
Google ""Echinopsus cactus" to see what growth conditions they like and I am sure that you can also get yours to flower.
It is indeed a magnificent sight.

These pictures are really good and reminds us of the need to protect biodiversity. Biodiversity is beautiful and very important.

Thank you for the great truth in this comment my friend.
Biodiversity IS life and so many refuse to understand it's importance.
Blessings to you and yours!

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Thank you @tattoodjay!

I had to come look as I missed it.
And one more time WOW! And I see you have a nice Euphorbia too and a little helper :)

There is a wide range of cactus's and succulents here that I have gathered since we moved here. I have shifted the pots several times to get the ideal re-planting spots for them and they all seem happy.

Thankfully my "Christ Thorn Tree" is also now sprouting new leaves and growing like crazy.

The insects also love it!