The Evil In You

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The Evil In You
Digital Art

I've done animation quite a few times before and put it in my video art. It's fascinating to see your drawings move from frame to frame without the help of an animation program or something. I've only used Photoshop and drew them each frame by frame using a mouse before. Heck, I even used MS Paint when I was in high school before the Photoshop times.

Now that I have my pen and more knowledge in Photoshop, going back to those animation times will be fun. Merging photography, animation, storytelling, and video art would be fun and I could see myself working on it in the future.

One of the stop motion animations that I've done before is the "Resemblance", which I made for a national competition when I was a college student. Those times! I would definitely make a post about it soon.

About the GIF, this is the original photo used for it. I took a shot of it some months ago and thought it was too creepy on its own and it would be better to have some animations or some shit with it.


Some shots from the GIF:




Oh, and hello OnChainArt community!

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I gotta say your GIF game is something! Definitely playing with some stuff inside but I just haven't fully grasped them. Beautiful art! Push mo yan ate gurl! <3

Trying something different. Thank you for appreciating my art always! :D

Definitely working out! <3 :)

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Very cool stuff @hiddenblade :) I've done my fair share of animating in Photoshop and it's definitely fun stuff. Thanks for prettying up the place in OnChainArt!

Thank you! :D Sucks I subscribed here late lol



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Brutal brutal

Thanks! Def one of the goals! :D

Animated Gifs are a such a treat. I love that you can create these little packets of looping videos and animations. Nice job on this one!

I agree! Thank you! :D

WOW!!! How crazy but I love it!!! especially the part of the animation that caught my attention a lot.

It is definitely great to give life to our illustrations or photos, it is good that he has knowledge on the subject, in my case I tried several times but nothing as incredible as what I saw here in his post.

Greetings from Venezuela. ;)

Oh pretty sure it would look good on yours as well! Thank you!! Hello from the Philippines :D

Ok, ok... I tried again to see if something more decent comes out lol.

Happy afternoon!!!

You are a wild one and I cant help replying to your post whenever I come across one.