Sorting flowers using Plantnet

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Sorting flowers using Plantnet

Today I bring you a special of nature photographs specifically of flowers and leaves, identified through an application I found in the Play store called Plantnet is an identifier of plant species with a reputation of 4.5.



The. Objective that I proposed myself to test this application was to take some pictures of some species that are close to where I live, the application has two options, the first one is to take a picture from the application and the other one is to use a graphic or several accesses from the gallery, I took the second option because the program does not have good performance with my camera.


Take pictures again of the mushroom from the previous publication, and indeed after a few seconds I indicate the type of species. But this step is not enough, you have to be sure to choose the species vegetetal, in the app there is a community that by consensus choose the photo uploaded to the data as correct, otherwise the photo may receive negative rating, another aspect is that you can access Wikipedia and other users who have uploaded similar photos depending on the species.


I chose an Elder flower that is widely used to prepare infusion to attack the common cold, flu and viruses. It has also been used recently to attack covid-19 and although I don't know if it has cured anyone I can attest that it is very effective in fighting the common cold.



I chose a photograph of the Aloe vera flower or as we call it in Venezuela Sábila known for its antiseptic properties the Venezuelans usually use it to heal wounds and remove scars. It is also used in the beauty industry to prepare skin creams.


Other tests were done with leaves as the app allows you to choose, bark, flowers, leaves, fruits, trees actually is amazing the amount of formats to look for. In the test with the leaves I succeeded in a photograph in the other photo of leaves the app did not recognize the species, the leaves are similar and it is difficult to obtain a result in some species.


Trimezia martinicensis (Jacq.) Herb. It is one of the flowers whose technical data sheet I will give example, is a non perennial herb that is present in Central and South America, due to its wild nature can be found anywhere from urban gardens, wooded areas. They develop thanks to short rhizomes and there are at least 40 registered species.


As you can see this application seems very useful if you are a nature photographer you can get detailed information of each species and if the species is new or not it appears in the application you can open a space proposing a name in case of new discoveries.


In my case this application is very useful to increase the precision when looking for the plant species that I capture with my lens, besides learning the names of the species that I don't know. In the past I took photographs that I never knew the name of flowers or even insects, by the way. I wonder if there are apps that can be used to analyze and search for animals or insects, it would be interesting to apply, I have also photographed insects that I never knew the name of.


Here I leave the download link, is very light so not to worry about space.

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