Cats at rest, when the Taurine is over.

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Cats at rest, when the Taurine over.

Just as reptiles need to warm up in the sun to activate their metabolism, cats are exhausted when taurine levels disappear from their bloodstream.


The genetic heritage of cats gave them tremendous attributes such as powerful claws that serve to have traction on almost any terrain, strong elastic muscles to climb and run with powerful agility, vision and hearing of the most accurate and refined in the entire animal kingdom, a beautiful coat to camouflage in any terrain, the cat is an extreme natural fighting animal. But nothing is perfect. Cats need large amounts of taurine to start up this huge machinery.


If you have a cat as a pet you will know what I mean, it is possible that many think that cats are lazy animals due to the night activity, but not only the activity leaves them exhausted, the taurine is an amino acid present in several types of meats that in turn is the base diet of any feline. Taurine is responsible for providing all the energy necessary for the cat's body to respond to the stimuli of its instincts, smell, vision and muscles are the main beneficiaries of the consumption of taurine.


It should also be noted that there will always be a difference between domestic cats that are confined to an apartment, than cats that can develop freely in houses with large gardens.


For them I advise to provide a different diet to the one offered by the brands of dry and wet cat food.

Buying chicken or pork liver contains high amounts of taurine which is essential for the energy required by cats. Carrot and zucchini offer nutrients and water they require, cats do not usually drink much water. In the wild they get their hydration from the meat of their prey.


The liver half cooked with grated carrot and zucchini and previously mixed will be a delicacy for cats.

I know that many of you don't have either the time or the market and your vet offer as the only alternative to buy existing cat food on the market. However, cats almost always get sick and certain brands of cat food are guilty of multiple infections, with sistitis being the most common.

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