Layer of mountains with white edge.

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Hello Friends.

This photograph is combination of nature elements like Blue sky, green hill's, Blue sky, Snow and Trees.This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 7D Mark II F/20 Focal length 35mm.

This place is the heaven on the earth. In these photographs I try to capture Beautiful Range of Mountains. This is really beautiful view. These photographs are taken on the way to ladakh with friends. We the team of 5 friends had the best adventure experiences in the Land of High Passes. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir State, India. Ladakh is Beautiful place for visit. I really enjoy this trip. I will share more photographs of this trip on my next post. I hope you enjoy this photograph.

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Thanks for visit friend.


Siempre decimos que en la montaña nos damos cuenta de que somos muy pequeños ante la grandeza de la naturaleza. Conseguiste una imagen fascinante. la nieve tiene un halo de misterio e incluso un cierto caracter imaginativo, buen arte @tussar11. Te felicito

Thank you @theresa16

Hermosa fotografía, que buena y completa captura, estos regalos que nos brinda la naturaleza me encanta disfrutarlo, además los colores que logran las nubes, las colinas, las nieves, los árboles y el azul del cielo es un gran espectáculo. Te felicito por tu buen arte. Mis saludos.

Beautiful and almost graphical mountain landscapes with a great contrast white snowy mountains behind. Looks just perfectly with a deep blue sky above. All the scenery just show how mighty out Nature is, and humans are just nothing in comparence!

Great view!

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Lovely photos @tussar11! Those mountains are very impressive!

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Lovely photos my friend!