View of Mountains.

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Hello Friends.

These photographs are taken on the way to ladakh with my friends. We the team of 5 friends had the best adventure experiences in the Land of High Passes. We started our journey From Manali on Bike to Ladakh. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir State, India. Ladakh is Beautiful place for visit. I really enjoy this trip. The white clouds are touching top of this mountain it is the beauty of this photograph. Some of beautiful photographs which I like most. I will share more photographs of this trip on my next post. I hope you enjoy this photograph.

These photographs are taken from HTC One f/2.0 Focal length 4mm.

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Thanks for visit.


Looks like pro photography :)

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Thank you @rem-steem

Good contribution and beautiful pictures :)

#3 I enjoyed most of these. I wish heaven send more good light for your photos!

Magnificent view my friend!

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Mountains... they look great! Especially when you live in a country that is completely flat (NETHERLANDS!).