Amazing Layers of green mountains.

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Hello Friends.

This photograph is describing the beauty of mountainscape view with detailed of its layer.

NJ230044 44.jpg

This photograph is full of nature beauty. The White Mountains at last make this photograph awesome. I try to share the beauty of nature by these photographs. I hope you like it. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 7D Mark II f/16 Focal length 18mm.

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Thanks for visit.


Great captures :)

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Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

I glad you like this photograph..

as always your mountains call me
Happy day

Thank you dear friend.

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Beautiful place and the title is so fitting

Como siempre es un placer pasar por tu blog y admirar este tipo de fotografías en donde se resalte la amplitud y belleza de la naturaleza. Amo todas las fotografías, son tan hermosas y nítidas que hacen que el paisaje se detalle con mas calma y así poder ver la linda creación de Dios.

Saludos mi gran amigo en la distancia.

Gorgeous colour similarity with sky and Mountain. Thanks for hard capturing bro.