Nature Beauty and Sun light.

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Hello Friends

This photograph the road disappeared between the mountains. It is makes this photograph amazing. Layers of Mountains all around are the beauty of this photograph.


I have shared my experience of this place with you by these photographs. I hope you enjoy this post. This place is gifted with full of nature beauty. This photograph is taken on the way to ladakh with my friends. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir State, India. I really enjoyed this trip. Ladakh is Beautiful place for visit. . The sun rays & the mountain making this Photograph more beautiful. We can see the sun rays clearly in these photographs. I like this photograph and I am happy to share with you. I will share more photographs of this trip on my next post. I hope you enjoy this photograph.

This photograph is taking from HTC One f/2.0 Focal length 4mm.

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Thanks for visit.


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Lovely photos. It looks like India has some pyramids as well.

Lovely photos. It
Looks like India has some
Pyramids as well.

                 - bernardos

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Such beautiful shots thanks for sharing :)

Seems you are on a trip to mountains....enjoy the nature beauty at best

Some really lovely photos here my friend!

Day by day I'm becoming a fan of your photographs

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Beautiful as always.
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