Digital painting of a colorful bird|| Painting animal for the second time || Showing the process step by step

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ntopaz-image-0Enough with all the dull faces and stuff. I thought to myself. I need try something really really colorful. I could try to paint a butterfly but they are too small and one of them wouldn't look very good.
So i decided to paint a bird. Went through pinterest to get some idea and what kind of colors a bird could have. Then again i thought i am painting so it doesn't matter. I will put whatever color i want.

So i painted this. I guess there could be more vibrant color but this was also nice.

I started painting this yesterday night and when i was working on the background suddenly photoshop stopped. Like froze or something. I couldn't click any button or minimize it or quit it.
It was like a mini heart attack because i was so into this painting that i forgot to save it, so when photoshop crashed i was sure that i was going to loose hours of work.

i couldn't even get to my desktop view so while ps was opened i shut down my computer.
Later today i turned on my computer and was going to try to paint this again. So when i opened photoshop i see a file automatically opening and it was named recovered file.
I guess this is ps's new feature where if the software crushes you can still work on your unsaved file. This was such a surprise and i felt so happy. Then i finished the rest of it and there you have it.

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot (1101).png

Screenshot (1102).pngScreenshot (1103).pngScreenshot (1104).pngScreenshot (1105).pngScreenshot (1106).pngScreenshot (1107).pngScreenshot (1108).pngScreenshot (1109).pngScreenshot (1110).pngScreenshot (1111).pngScreenshot (1112).pngScreenshot (1113).png


You can see some of my other painting videos here by just clicking the videos below without having to leave steemit.

A female portrait painting process:

Mushroom seer painting process that i did for splinterlands art contest:

Another portrait painting video:

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