This is my Entry for #monomad Challenge.

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ntopaz-image-0Hello Dear Steemians & nTOPAZ users,
Here I am coming with my first post on nTOPAZ about #monomad Challenge.

In our country there are many homeless people stay on the roadside whom are mentally sick and there are also called Insane. Today I took a photo of old man who is mentally sick. He is live in the roadside every time. I told him what he was thinking about. He replied that he had lost his wife many years ago, so he was waiting for her. It was so emotional moment I have ever seen. Finally I stay away from him and took a photo.

Thanks to @monochromes for arranging #monomad challenge. Thanks to @ntopaz for creating this awesome website. Thanks to everyone for supporting me. Have a good day.

Your faithfully,


Regards @insense
Greetings from Venezuela.
I think your picture is very well achieved.
I love black and white photos.
I will participate when I have a camera.
I would have liked to see a close-up of his face as well.
I think we live this in all parts of the world and more to see that the human being increases his selfishness.
There is a contest in which I am participating.
You can see it in my blog.
In case you are interested.
Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much ma'am. Actually I don't have a camera. Always I took photos with my mobile phone. Hope I will buy a camera and take photography as a passion. Thanks for being with me.