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easy drawing & colouring how to

Hello, friends!

Today i would like to share what i made last night, a girl with her friends, a rabbit and a bear.. And they are playing the music instruments and singing together.

Materials & things needed:

  • 2B pencil
  • eraser
  • 0.2 drawing pen
  • drawing paper
  • colour pencils

How to do it:

First, draw the girl in the middle. Starts from the head, face, hair and then the hand. Then draw the other hand, the guitar, and also finish the cloth then draw her legs, socks and shoes.

Second, draw the bear on her right side. Start with the foot then head, complete with ears and face, then the instrument on its' hand, it was tambourine. And finish the body and feet.

Third, draw the rabbit on the girl's left. Start with the head with long ears, then its' face, hands and also maraca on each hand.. Then draw the cloth and also feet.

Last, complete with the music signs above (G key and notes).

Then bold it all with the drawing pen, then erase the pencil sketch.

Finish the drawing with the colour pencils.. Some i use the darker colour outside then inside is lighter and also i use some mixed color to make pattern. You could copy mine. I also share the colouring steps.

Happy drawing!


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