Digital art_2020. A Keeper of the World

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Hi friends!

Once I caught the eye of an old sketch. I drew a wolf.
I thought that he was worthy of creating a full-fledged art from it.
And so this story was invented - a magical animal looks at the world from a window of parallel space.
And nobody knows if it really exists or is it just an illusion ...




Some steps
(Drawing in Paint Tool SAI 2)


Base colors


Added a details of environment


More details


I didn't like an erth on a foreground, I change this form of it.
Then I drrew an ornaments for a wolf and maked an area into window darken.


I continued a drawing an objects of nature.
I divided an erth on two plans and drew a lake with moonlights reflaction.


The Keeper


On a foregraund I desidet to draw a lupins.
According to the legends of the ancient Celts, these are flowers which are protected by the wolf.


This is what ready art looks like


Finally color correction in Photoshop

Хранитель мира_гот.jpg

Have a nice and creative day!

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Muy buena obra de arte en forma digital, es muy grande y de colores bastante vistosos. El lobo realmente esta bien trabajado, ademas tiene muchos elementos el dibujo, el relieve de la nieve, la cascada que cae por el centro del lobo le un ambiente de película, me gusta los colores que tienen la luna porque son muy relajantes y serenos. Muchas felicidades en tu obra, éxitos para lo que sigue.


@nathyortiz, muchas gracias!

Oooh such a pretty image, nice artwork!!! 😀 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Thanks for support!

Gorgeous colours and subject @daring-celt.

@lady-idra, thanks a lot!