The Cereal Box Shoesy - Our Little Inventors

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I talk quite a bit about our creative daughter (age 9). We call her our little inventor. She’s been coming up with her own ideas, making things out of items around the house since I can remember. She takes the simplest things and makes them a fun treasure for her younger siblings.

This shoebox shoesy (yes a shoesy not a shoe 😄) is her latest invention. She asked me not to throw away the cereal box and said

I have plans for it!

Being a homemaker it’s hard for me not to throw things away because I am anal about having trash thrown out and areas clean. I try to be lenient because having small kids = adventure which = mess. 😅 This is my way of encouraging creativity by letting the mess slide. As long as they clean up after themselves I’m okay with it.

Away she went, tearing, folding and bending the box shaping it into this wearable art. Each of my boys took turns wearing the shoesy. I’m not sure if she will make another one to match it, this may be apart of her only have one. It was pretty funny watching them walk around in it all day. I noticed whoever wore it stepped with a special kind of pride as if he were the king of the shoesy lol!

It’s really exciting watching these small minds develop and be creative. Im blessed to be able to witness it all, being home to educate them. I’m a firm believer in honing our children’s interests and skills so they can be all they want to be and more. How much more confidence would they have if their family believes in them? Quite a bit :D

It’s the littlest things that make my heart flutter. 💓

Keep Encouraging Your Little Inventors!


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That is so clever! I love watching little minds at work! 😃

Thank you! I love watching them work too! 😃

That’s cool that she is so creative and cool her siblings enjoy her inventions
A shoebox shoesy could be the new rage 👍😎👍

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

Haha thanks so much! I can see kids all around the world making them! 😁

And why ot it would be fun to see something like this which is positive go viral and spread everywhere :)

PSS watch for my post this evening More needlework art :)

It’s the littlest things that make my heart flutter. 💓

OMG!! Yes!! I love that you encourage their young minds and allow them to be creative. You are the best! And I love her little shoesies!

Thank you for being an active member of #SteemUSA!


Thank you so much as always for your kind and encouraging support ~ 💗

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Whst a clever little inventor you have there @crosheille, the shoesy could very well solve the problem of the homeless, I'm serious! Here in my country many of them go barefoot and it can get cold in winter! Boxes are easy to obtain.
Great that you encourage your children like this!

Wow @lizelle, that would be amazing if making these could help the homeless. If people come together to help make them for them that would be outstanding! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Yeah that shoesy thingy is cool! Glad that your daughter is an inventor and she will make a good wife and a housekeeper in her own home... cheers to your inventive daughter!

Thanks so much! Yes her little mind is always thinking up the next thing. I’m glad I am able to encourage her. I think she will be an amazing mom one day ~ ☺️

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That was so cute! Kids are very inventive when you let them be. Good for you encouraging creativity!

Thank you very much! You never know how far they can go unless you open up those doors to allow creativity!

Creativity is important in all walks of life - not just in art. The CEO of a company requires creativity, as does a mother juggling time with family responsibilities. It needs to be allowed to flourish in the young, as it will stay with them always.

My first career was as a teacher back in the UK and I loved allowing the kids to have complete artistic freedom with the cereal boxes, toilet roll holders etc that we collected. I didn’t ever show them how to make anything - they showed me! And they were only 5 years old!!

You guys are so creative!!! Love it!

Awwww thanks! ☺️

Her invention is so cute! I can imagine laughters while they are wearing it...hehehe

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Thank you! Haha yes they had s ball wearing it!

muy buena entrada con mucha creatividad.

Gracias. 😊

Amiga crosheille el arte es muy hermoso y cuando somo niños que somos como una esponjas que vamos aprendiendo. inventamos y tu nos ayuda a crecer con el mundo de la imaginación. que hermosa esa creatividad, a mi me encanta también crear partiendo de materiales de reciclaje y ayudamos a recuperar el medio ambiente. saludos y abrazos desde la distancia desde mi tierra natal mi linda Venezuela. continua ayudando a tu hija a volar en el mundo de la creatividad. recibas muchas bendiciones por ser una mama especial te invito visitar mi blog. gracias amiga por compartir su publicación

Muchas gracias por visitarnos y compartir sus amables comentarios :)

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