Behind The Photo contest-Edition #2 Bumblebee

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Hello friends of Steemit, today I want to participate in this creative activity, which is focused on the art of photography, an area that I liked since I was a child, in my presentation I wanted to bring a black bumblebee back to life, which I found lifeless in A small field, take it to my house and save it, since it was very well preserved in a mummified state, today will fly again thanks to the magic of photography, greetings to friends Jury: @nelyp and @johan.norberg, for motivating these creative activities.

Sponsorship: We sincerely thank @appreciator for sponsoring this contest!

"The flight of the black bumblebee"

Let's talk a little about our friend

Bumblebees are robust, hairy, black, many have yellow, white or in some cases orange bands, the hair that covers almost the entire body is silky, with branched and feathery mushrooms, bumblebees are relatively large bees of 20 millimeters or plus. The queens are bigger than the workers and the drones. Adults feed primarily on nectar and collect pollen to feed their young, just like other bees.


Step 1

That day I went shopping for some blue pens, I moved by bus to the market, to get better deals, I was well able to get a good purchase of 15 pens, but when trying to return, it was all a collective madness, public transport was I join a protest and it all leads to a fight against the army of public order, people ran everywhere screaming, tear gas was very toxic, I also ran looking for an open field, there I went through some forest roads, after walk for several minutes on those trails, my attention caught something among the dry leaves of the road, there was the lifeless black bumblebee, I took it very carefully I put it in my bag and continued my way home.

Photography and assembly processes

These were the materials I used, a wooden platform painted white, to use as the background of my image, a pin, a clothespin, a white light lamp for lighting and our friend "The black bumblebee".

Step 2

With the pin placed on the abdomen of the bumblebee, so we can manipulate it to take several photos and select our favorite, having the image selected, I proceed to transfer it to the digital photo editor, in this case work with "Ulead Photo Express 4.0" I am looking for selection image and capture only the target, which in this case is the bumblebee, the white outline and the silhouette of the pin are discarded, leaving only the image I want to obtain.

step 2 "Natural background image"

I obtained this image in the green areas that are outside my home, I wanted to take them very close to the leaves to match the symmetry of the insect with its surroundings.

Presentation photography

Here in this image we can see a high-speed attack formation

Presentation photography

Thank you friends for your cooperation in the development of our community, greetings and success.

Here is the link to the contest


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Hermosa edicion de foto. Muestras una imagen de un abejon negro que es insecto poco común de ver. Es una idea mahnifica como pudiste editarlo porque se ve muy artitico y llamativo. Buen trabajo @betzaelcorvo

gracias por tu gran apoyo saludos

¡Muchas gracias por participar! Y por contarnos la historia detrás de las fotografías.

Mucha suerte en el concurso :)

thanks friend for your attention, nice to be here

Hello @betzaelcorvo. Could you please add the link to the contest in your post? Thank you!

ok friend thanks for the suggestion

performed the operation to identify the contest link in the publication, greetings friend

Thank you so much for that, and good luck in the contest!

thanks friend for your attention, nice to be here

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