We Won! (Social Network of the Year - 2019)

in noonies •  6 months ago  (edited)

Heck yeah, we did it!

Steemit won Social Network of the Year 2019 of the Hacker Noon Awards (#Noonies).

Good job everybody. As usual, our amazing Steem community came through.

Now, it would have been great as well to win the Blockchain of the Year award (we weren't nominated sadly) so we'll win that one next year.

Oh and seemingly Steemians were so excited that they voted multiple times.

What I don't really understand here is: why was hackernoon able to verify that people voted multiple times, but didn't remove those votes? Or better yet, implemented an ip-filter and/or require an account to vote or some other measure to prevent this in the first place.

Because having the little big red error message above our well earned reward is a bit of a joke, as it pretty much taints the result.

Steem(it) clearly has the most loyal user base of them all and acting as if we'd need to cheat in order to win the award is a joke.

But regardless, we won - so let's be happy!

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implemented an ip-filter

I think they did.

why was hackernoon able to verify that people voted multiple times

My guesses for multiple voting are:

  1. Clickjacking on the Noonies page.
  2. Making your botnet vote for you.

Perhaps they figured out that someone was doing one of those things. If either of those happened, it would be impossible to figure out what votes were compromised, just that some were.

Clickjacking on the Noonies page.

I know it was possible since my vote wasn't registered on my mobile device. However, this is something that can (and should) be technically solved instead of pointing the finger to end-users that use this "feature/bug". (I'm pretty sure some thought voting multiple times was a feature, similar how you can clap multiple times on medium) Honestly, I expected a bit more from a site calling itself hackernoon.

Making your botnet vote for you.

4k votes and a botnet? Seems a bit unlikely, especially since Steem has at least 30k unique accounts who were active in the last month.


Many of those are of course alt-accounts, but many of them are real as well and the dark number, those interacting just by reading or some other non-transaction way is far higher.

As for the botnet, I wouldn't be suprised if Gab, in #2, tried to do something like that. There wasn't much promotion in the Gab community for the vote, it's hard to see how they got to #2. Hacker Noon didn't say what social network had fake voting.

Well, they tainted the whole award by not saying who had fake votes and how many those were in total. I honestly think Steemit would have won either way - simply because we've got the biggest and most loyal userbase (and with that I mean Steemians).

With a little network request inspection, you can figure out how all networks did, not just the top 3. Here are the full results:
Steemit: 4020 votes
gab: 2903 votes
Narrative - The World's Journal: 1041 votes
Twitter: 257 votes
Minds: 131 votes
Telegram: 101 votes
Instagram (by Facebook): 61 votes
Youtube: 47 votes
AllSocial: 40 votes
WhatsApp (by Facebook): 25 votes
LinkedIn: 19 votes
Facebook: 11 votes
Strava: 8 votes
Pinterest: 6 votes
WeChat: 6 votes
Messenger (by Facebook): 5 votes
Cake: 4 votes
Zenly: 4 votes
QQ: 2 votes
Foxie: 2 votes
Qzone: 1 votes

!giphy celebrating

Whoop whoop ! :)

If I voted and you voted, we know for sure that we weren't in the last place, unless everyone is lying except me

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Yeah, I've seen this and become curious, what fake?, how? and why they did not correct this "hack"?, if really exists. It makes me think...

What I don't understand as well is if they know it was tainted with fake voting to the point they say "Take these results with a grain of salt" then why did they give us that result? They should have filtered out the 'compromised' votes and given accurate results, no?

Even if we did multiple vote, all other social networks could have done the same, the fact that we were able to do it more and better then the others says a lot about our community and how much perseverance and resourcefulness we have...

Hackernoon should do a token on the STEEM blockchain and change their whole blog to STEEM....

This makes it official, our community wins everything that is proposed and involves STEEM being recognized, just by being amazing... :D

Lol, that warning is pretty shady, but whatever...

WE WON! 🥳👏🎉

GG everyone!

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Congratulations to all. Whatever that might me said about the result, all I know is that we won.

I wonder where all the YouTubers and Twitter users are? Why they haven't mobilized their communities just like we did on Steem with only 1.3M total accounts.

It was the easy win ofc. 😀

wow cool, congrats, Steemit is the Social Network of the Year 🔥

I know it's always fun to win. But let's be real, This contest is kind of a joke. If 4000votes were the highest and most contenders was sitting on less than 100 votes. It does not really seem like anything impactful or too serious. I doubt anyone really cares about this contest except for the steem community lol

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Well, that's exactly why we won lol

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Wow....a big congratulations to all, it was achieved by team work, up steemit @therealwolf

I missed the voting. Steem will win again next time as well.

Oh...la...la...Celebrating, and super happy for steem hard work!!

Congratulations steem you team deserved the best!! :)

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It is a well-deserved award, as this is the best platform, not only for its form, but for all the people who make up this wonderful community.

And you are very right, Steemit does not need to cheat to consolidate itself as the best platform, the best social network.

And this is just the beginning, because other prizes will come.

Let's keep going...


Hooray we won it! I hope that the price of the steem will won over all those alt coins out there. Poor people couldn't afford to buy steem.. even at the price like now