We are finally back to the first POSITION. Thank you Steem community! We can do more better for Us!


Hello everyone,

Wow, I'm so happy this afternoon to see the huge turn up of steemians casting their vote on https://noonies.hackernoon.com/award/cjxcaksd46uok0b12ezynf20u just as of yesterday we were lacking behind too far. Definitely when one of our bosses here on steemit @theycallmedan wrote his post I was not happy that was why I joined him as well to promo his cast for voting for Steemit at the Noonies award of the year.

Guess what?

Our reputation went down as at two days ago and yesterday because I was watching it closely before I went to bed last night.

Yesterday 's result on The Noonies

Where I said it was a big slap on our faces when we called ourselves a one big family with togetherness

I'm so happy. We made a biggest step ahead to the first position again 10/8/2019. Please let keep voting. We need this to be truly ours.

We Can Do It Again !!! Let keep voting.

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