Northern Cheyenne join blanket rejection of the Black Hills' uranium mining permits!

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The gov't that you so consistently support as a 'necessary evil' is at it, again.

They are now trying to chase the people off the land that has been their homes for far long than people have been writing on paper.

It's not that they want to chase us off, they would be happier if we just died.

This is why they will poison our water.

Shame on you, if you support this travesty.



Talli Nauman, Native Sun News

November 23, 2019

DENVER – As of Nov. 17, all 63 written comments the U.S. EPA had received from tribal and other submitters opposed granting water permits for the slated Dewey Burdock uranium mine and mill in the southern Black Hills.

If permitted, the operation would become the first radioactive in situ leach (ISL) mining in South Dakota.
It would be located on 10,000 acres of Custer and Fall River counties adjacent to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and upstream at the headwaters of the Cheyenne River.

“There need to be government-to-government consultations with the tribes on the Dewey Burdock Project.
All the bands of the Oceti Sakowin, or Seven Council Fires of the Great Sioux Nation, have tribal resolutions in place in opposition to any uranium mining in unceded 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaty territory, which overlaps a five-state area, including the entire Black Hills,” said one commentator.

“The water will inevitably become contaminated as, indeed, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission finding states ‘the restoration of an ISL-mined aquifer to pre-mining water quality is an impossibility’.
Don’t allow this!” the commentator concluded.

story continues

The folks that will kill us to control us have already stated that they will be poisoning the water for the people that live downstream of the mine.

It is not in contention.

It is openly admitted.

This is your clue that those that rule us by force will not place the value of human life above that of even more profits for the already rich.

Stop putting your energy into this system, dear reader, you don't want the karma attached to it.

The Monkey Master Fable.


It sucks I have just a little over 500 followers but I'm resteeming anyways. This shit makes my blood boil.

It is atrocious how little life means to some especially when profit is concerned.

Thanks for your post and for being Awake and sharing the knowledge.

We need to unite all the Indigenous Nations around the world together and become a united force, with our allies by our side. I've had it with these sicko's stealing everything and calling it their own and then trying to kill us off and destroy our way of life.

Rise UP my Indigenous Nations, it is our Time now to come Together like never before. We are getting stronger everyday and we have been pushed down, but we are standing up now.

I have studied this sick society and it's people and controllers and I am opposed to everything here and don't believe any lies i'm told.

Sometimes I wonder if we are in hell here and we don't realize that we are. Nothing makes any sense and so many are sleeping and sick in their minds and bodies. Hardly anyone understands what is going on and I feel like i'm surrounded by lunatics in a mad house.

There is no focus on personal development or spiritual understanding, no good values, and hardly any awakened people.

I can't stand the holiday seasons, and everyone trying to stay young and fake by buying things and injecting themselves with chemicals in the name of youth. I can't stand the fake conversations, the time wasted doing stupid meaningless things. I can't stand watching the government puppets control the masses and everyone voting and believing in the system.'

I can't stand Youtube, Google and Facebook reeling us all in and then shutting down free speech and then dictating the information that the public sees. I can't stand seeing people stuffing their faces with chemical food, fatty food and unhealthy substances because they are so ignorant.

I can't stand people believing they own houses and the land they live on, wtf, you don't own shit, do you take that house with you when you die? You just waste your time, your whole life working for something that is pointless and brings you nothing.

I can't stand people thinking they are so important and taking selfies and wanting to be so great and stand out from the crowd. No Stupid we are all the same and equal, you are no better then me or that person with no home, on the street.

This whole place is a gong show and i've just about had it. Good thing life here is short because it's a nightmare here.

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

The majority embrace their slavery, that façade is cracking.
The beginning is here.
We will win.

Thanks for giving me strength and motivation again. It is very nice to hear from you :) I love hearing "We Will WIN."

Don't give up now, we are closer than I have ever seen in my 35 years of being an anarchist.

The world is on fire, and maybe, just maybe, we got a corruption fighter in the white house.
Not that his corruption will ever be exposed, but maybe he will take down the criminal cabal that has ruled since they killed Kennedy, and anybody else that opposed them.

That is very up-lifting to hear that you believe we are very close to freedom now.

I do have a hard time believing that we have a corruption fighter in the white house because all the elections are rigged and they have complete control over the system, I believe. At this time, they have manipulated the system to such an extent that they would never allow a corruption fighter to get elected, that is just not possible, I do not believe.

I do however believe that they would fool us into thinking that we have a corruption fighter in charge and that this person is on our side. They would make him state beliefs that are in line with the truth, but at the same time, no significant changes will be made and everything will remain as so. That is how I am reading the situation in the white house.

Thanks for your insight and your dedication to freedom for us all :)

I think the iron fist is getting a new face on its puppet.
Maybe, they will take down the Satanists that killed Kennedy, maybe not.

At the end of this, it is unlikely that freedom is the end goal, for those pulling the strings.

Our only real escape is in the minds of the people.
Until they drop their love of slavery freedom will not be here.

If everybody planted a garden and had their chicken coups in order, we wouldn't be having these problems, imo.

"The gov't that you so consistently support as a 'necessary evil' is at it, again."

I need to take you to task on this statement, as I do not give my consent to any maggot that makes money from thin air and wants it all back, I do not consent to anyone making rules for me, and I do not vote, have no passport, and live 4 countries away from the one I was dragged up in~~~~~~~~~!


Man, I wonder how much those guys got paid for taking that pic,....

I agree, always ask for proof that you consented.
Most of us don't, but we are too bulldogged to push back, most of us.
It's coming, the beginning is here.


The water wars are spinning up more and more every day, huh?

I like that comic you end with.

The world is on fire,...

I stole that from somewhere a long time ago.

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Male domination seems to be the new big evil thing

Yeah, got to wonder about some of the things that they say.
It's not their fault, trusting 'authorities' is an easy trap to fall into.
Especially when they are buying the tacos.

yaya always the same

seriously this does not surprise me at all, it will always be money over health. Thanks for informing us, here's to many rising up over this and making a stand xxx

The world is on fire.
The beginning is here.
We will win.

Wouldn't be surprised if the same kind of people that do this kind of stuff are linked to the groups that flag and block free speech here there and everywhere? They want to quiet the people, censor the people, flag the people, ticket the people, & block the people with laws!! !! ! It's like US vs THEM. They don't have consciences, they are like programs not people, more like money sniffing robots!