Nitrous Update: Ads

The Steem-Engine team is happy to report a new feature for Nitrous: Ads! While some of you may have the first thought "but I hate ads" I'd like you to consider how we're doing this.

  1. There is an opt out, so if you have enough token power you won't see the ads
  2. Money sent to pay for ads will be used to purchase and burn tribe tokens:
    85% - Burn
    15% - Steem-Engine/Nitrous team

If you see an ad it's burning your token!!!

So, normally ads on websites are annoying. That's because the site owner gets something for it and I the viewer just get an annoying ad. Here in crypto land though we're doing it differently. When we serve ads we'll be burning tokens!

So, an advertiser comes along and wants to place an ad. They pay steem-engine in whatever token they'd like. We're starting with $1/cpm as the pricing.

Once paid we'll start showing ads on all the nitrous instances. We'll tabulate how many views in a given week were from the different tribes and we'll buy and burn tokens.

Burning tokens benefits all token holders, authors, and the advertiser

When buying and burning we essentially go to the weakest hands in the market, remove their tokens, and permanently destroy them. This raises the price so authors and large stake holders should be happy. It should also make community members happy because literally every ad you're seeing is helping to move the price of your tribe token up. Generally advertisers have to fight to get their ads seen. Here this should flip the model where users are genuinely welcoming of ads.

Cost to setup

It takes developer time to setup Nitrous sites for ads. We're charging a one time setup fee of $150 for basic ad installation on your site. There's a $50 change fee if you're looking to alter your layout after that (you can do it yourself for free if you can dev a little).

Standard formats for ads are

When we set you up as a publisher you'll get access to a subsection of the ad server and you'll manually approve ads for your site.

We'll charge $50/month if you want us to handle ads management on your site for you. We just need to know types of ads to exclude.

Cost to advertisers

There's no setup cost or anything like that for advertisers. We'll need files to upload to the adserver and you'll have to let us know how many impressions you want. Impressions are currently priced at $1 per 1000 impressions ($1 CPM).

As the number of page view fills up we'll start raising prices, but until then we're happy to offer this at a very low rate to get started.

We are in the tens of thousands of impressions per day, so we'll start small, but I think once the ads start moving up the price of the tribe tokens routinely more people will be interested in posting to the tribe sites. Should be a good positive feedback loop.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is available as well, pending a setup and review (by Google), and when enabled will immediately bring in some income as well. We're still testing how much though.


Eventually we'll get the entire process into a form on For now just reach out to @aggroed in Discord and we'll get you setup.


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Great idea! But easily blocked... I think tribes should hand select fitting services or products and use affiliate earnings to burn. LEO is on a good way to become sustainable in my opinion

super easy.. just do nothing and use brave -_-

Brave is just one of many possibilities :)

Really cool addition, and very relevant to much of the discussions taking place post HF 21/22.

I think it would be 1 step cooler with a tribe that instead of burning a tokens, would add those used to buy ad-space to the reward pool of the suers who choose to display ads. Thus you give people a reason to want to see ads, and only they get the value benefit. But mroe importantly, it would mean that one could have a reward pool without the need for inflation, and create direct incentives for users to make the site/tribe more attractive to advertise on (aka increase the number of users and their engagement) because that directly affects the size of their reward pool.

I would fully agree with you. I believe that a positive, incentive-based approach is the most effective and productive way to give people a reason to want to see ads.

This is what I've been waiting one and a half year to read! A way to explain to people where the money comes from, a way to explain to people that it's not just people buying Steem and powering it up wanting to get better self upvotes that pumps the tokens, it's actual ad revenue of thousands of people (soon to be millions?)! I'm getting more and more excited for tribes... if the tribes do everything right this can be world-changing.

And this shouldn't be a tribe only thing..., partiko, esteem, busy,etc... all the other dapp platforms that connect to the steem blockchain to show its content should have ads that buy STEEM from the market and burn it! If we did this the token would appreciate in value, we would get more people talking about us, more people joining us, more people creating content, etc...etc... it would be a vicious cycle that would do amazing things for the whole blockchain and crypto space!

Ad revenue = cashflow, and like any investor and entrepeneur should know, CASHFLOW IS KING!

That is actually a really cool model you guys have thought up. Keep up the good work!

Like it or not, ads are the future. But the profits need to be fairly distributed among the token holders. I like this idea of burning the tokens everytime somebody pays for an ad.

The more we merge the tokens economy with the real world economy the better, and ads are just one step ahead in that direction.

You have been to real life? What is it like? :p

Please excuse my ignorance but what is "Nitrous"? We have our own token on Steem Engine and I understand how that works but I don't actually know what Nitrous is. Is there an explainer somewhere. Thanks!

Fantastic! Thank you. Now I understand how it all fits together! Very exciting stuff!

Nitrous is a "front-end" like but you own it with the tokens behind it.

Ah so another tribe? I'd not actually heard of this one! Thank you.

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Much needed update about possibly the most critical part of what this blockchain really needs - external income.

Its a crying shame the chain crashed not long after. I do hope @aggroed talks more about this to get the community more hyped about this.

I've been waiting for this @aggroed thank you 👏👏👏

We need ads and also we the system of burning tokens it will eventually make the tokens valuable.

Awesome way of bringing value into the ecosystem. are you guys using DFP to run your ad serving? I'm currently running it on my site and have a few networks competiting for impressions along with adsense and selling direct ads

Cool! I'm definetly interested in placing an ad, perhaps sometime next month or so when a project I'm working on is launching.

Can you explain to me, though, how exactly burning tokens raises the price? When you burn tokens, there are less available, sure, but people still have to want to pay more, correct? You can't just burn 1,000 tokens and have the prices suddenly increase, buyers have to take note of the lesser supply and adjust their offers if they choose, don't they? Or am I completely wrong on this?


It works best when they buy off the market, which raises prices, and then they burn.

Ah, I gotcha. Buying directly from the market forcing the demand, then completely removing the chance of the tokens being dumped back into that space. Make sense. Thanks!

This is great and all but Google Adsense ads would bring in direct revenue and support tribes in real world. Burning is not an exact science, I’d rather collect fiat and reinvest into our projects JMHO but still, great step forward!

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You got a 60.24% upvote from @promobot courtesy of @aggroed!

looks good and is a nice way how shared economy in social media can work.


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Do we believe online advertising will continue to deliver significant value in the future? This is going to be fascinating to watch, at some point we have to return to a path where advertising is decoupled from the user generated content it appears next too but I don't think we're there yet. We're also fighting against the scale of Facebook and Google in this field.

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Great wisdom 😉

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This is very great!

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