Fuck: Never Send Humans To Do A Hobbit's Job.

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Twenty brave witnesses ascended to the peak of Mount Doom, the ring containing the ninjamine clutched firmly in hand.

Hey, I know we were supposed to destroy this thing,
but how about we try to harness its power instead?

I'll cast an enchantment that distributes its power so no one falls victim to the curse.

Yes, that way we can all control the powers of the ring without having to destroy it.

Amazing plan!

You... assholes...

Like, seriously though. Are we realizing how bad this looks from the outside looking in? Instead of destroying the stake that was attacking the network, we siphon it into a fund that the people in charge control? These optics are fucking heinous.


But that stake was always meant to fund development...

Shut... The... Fuck... UP.

Nice excuse, boys. Except, who cares? As if deleting 20% of Hive's stake doesn't bring value to the entire network? Now all the naysayers can just point their finger at @steem.dao and be like:

See!? I told you!
The witnesses are just as greedy as Justin.
They stole his money and now they control it.

Of course, they are wrong.

Right and wrong don't matter in politics. I thought we would have figured that out by now during the two week long shitstorm we just endured.

All of us in the know realize that there are a ton of stake holders on the platform that aren't developers. This stops the developers from funneling SPS money into their pocket without doing the work. Do you think anyone is going to care? Nope. The whales stole Justin's money. End of discussion.



I use SteemWorld every day... or at least I used to. Hive has banned his stake. No more https://steemworld.org/ for us.



Maybe because I took part in de-escalating the situation and therefore voted for both sides (4 of Justin's witnesses). Freezing accounts in a "decentralized" blockchain is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. They are responsible for what is happening now and they obviously cannot handle the truth.

God damn it.

Is ignorance contagious? Must be. First off, supporting both sides in a war isn't "being neutral". You're a double agent if you do that. To make the claim that you're Switzerland when you're actions amount to being a double-agent spy... come the fuck on. If you want to be NEUTRAL in a voting war then you don't vote for anyone... fucking obviously.

The totally fucked up thing about this situation is that voting for no one is LOGISTICALLY THE SAME as split voting, so that's a whole other mindfuck in itself.

If you wanted to be neutral... why did you vote?

See? I shot one soldier from each side in the face!
I'm Neutral! Don't be mad at me!
I'm attacking you both equally!


Yet we see this argument over and over from split voters.


Freezing accounts in a "decentralized" blockchain is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

Dude, @steemchiller, are you CZ now?

No blockchain should have the ability to freeze accounts, right? Oh wait, did you not read the post by @blocktrades that clearly explains how every blockchain has that ability?

Why the fuck do I need to lecture someone smarter than me about how this works?

Crypto doesn't revolve around censorship resistance. It revolves around consensus. We got consensus to freeze the accounts. The accounts were legitimately frozen.

fire ice bitcoin.jpg

Just because Bitcoin is super censorship resistant doesn't mean Hive should be just as good. I'm so fucking sick of people taking the idealism that other networks provide and projecting it onto the Hive community.

We have 20 witnesses, and if those witnesses decide ANYTHING, that anything is legitimate consensus, no matter what it is. You knew all of this before any of the bull shit went down, yet you've stayed until now when said shit hit the fan? We all know the rules. Why does everyone need to be constantly reminded?

This is a republic.

If the witnesses do something stupid, they risk losing their coveted position. Yet, no one seems to respect the risks that witnesses take to protect this place. @aggroed sent @justinsunsteemit a 1000sp delegation and lost a ton of votes for that. Democracy in action. Unlike other shit democracies, we can actually reelect new politicians instantly rather having to wait years. DPOS is badass.

In order to censor a wallet on Bitcoin every single mining entity on the network would have to block said transaction. Not likely, but possible. In fact, even if 90% of the network was blocking the transaction it would take 10 blocks (100 minutes) for the transaction to go through instead of 1 (on average). Such a thing hasn't even been attempted because it's a fool's errand.

To project that censorship resistance onto our blockchain shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how we operate. You want 3 second blocks and scalability and account recovery and username wallets and everything else? Too fucking bad. There are tradeoffs.

Moving forward.

Yeah so I'm pretty mad at everyone right now, but I feel like we can still make a lot of this right. I would support giving @steemchiller the airdrop based on his word alone that he still wants to be a part of this community and continue his projects. I actually am not really expecting that to happen though. Scorched Earth makes people salty.


The only solution to all these problems lies in the SPS. We need an SPS to give people their airdrops. We need an SPS to burn off the ninjamine so we don't look like criminals.

Worst case scenario.

SPS proposals get voted on that move the ninjamined stake into the hands of people that don't deserve it. I can't really imagine it happening, but even the possibility of it happening makes our network look bad. Should have just thrown the damn ring into the volcano, Frodo. If 10% of all inflation isn't enough to fund development here, we are fucked anyway, and that inflation is worth more if the ninjamine gets deleted (a lot more).

Counterpoint: 70 million coins is not a lot.

At these prices, 70 million coins could be as little as 10 million dollars. Do you know how much devs cost? Especially experienced devs? $60k-$600k a year. $10M is only enough to pay 20 highly experienced devs for a year at competitive wages. We need to focus more on giving tokens more value than we do on the shear quantity of coins in the ninjamine.


1000SP was too low.

I would have picked something like 5000SP before I started banning accounts from the new network. Dolphin status is high enough to realize that you're attacking the network by voting for sockpuppets. Whatever... too late now... it's in the hands of the SPS now. Move forward. (omg they got me saying it)


Alright well, I'm pissed, but there is actually a lot to look forward to. The #steemhostiletakeover was the best thing that ever happened to this community. I shutter at the thought of where we'd be right now if Sun did not have the resources to centralize the chain outright.

We'd still be stuck in limbo wondering if we could trust him or not. Wondering if he was good for the network or not. Spoiler alert: he's terrible; he's the absolute worst... And there are still people out there, despite everything that's happened, that still aren't sure. It's mind blowing.


The ninjamine is worth more to the network destroyed than not.

End of story.

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Hi @edicted
Are you saying they didn’t fork out the Steemit Stake and all the other Steemit controlled accounts?
Are you saying they created another account controlled by WHO?
What the heck is going on?
🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

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All the money went to the SPS @steem.dao. No one controls it. Money gets unlocked when enough people vote for the given proposal.

Ya I agree destroy the ninja mine tokens. See you on the other side. Still take a peak here till my powerdown is complete.

These last months confirmed to me that Steem (now Hive) is not a good investment and it won't ever be. From now on I'll be looking at it as a blog and a faucet instead of an investment.

Do any of the Top Witnesses actually have a plan to increase the value of the token and turn this from a faucet into an investment? I don't think so.

This community is at constant wars and dramas and no one is looking after the investors. In fact, they keep stabbing us in the back, over and over again.

Just sit back, open a beer, grab the popcorn... but stop throwing money at it. That's my plan, now.

Do you know how much devs cost? Especially experienced devs? $60k-$600k a year. $10M is only enough to pay 20 highly experienced devs for a year at competitive wages.

This is one of those things that people don't realize.. I recall when I first came in here a year ago people getting upset when someone suggested they needed more than 10K SP to help fund a project..

That's like what? at today's steem prices a week or 2 of dev?

we siphon it into a fund that the people in charge control?

Please, how can I verify this?

What happened to those ridiculously long "hive spam" replies?