Rotaract conference

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Greetings Dear friends,

The registration so far has been moving smoothly and I wish to thank Rotaractors for the encouraging turnout. We are very close to hitting the 400 mark.

However, the Official Participants Telegram group has been opened this group will be open for all registered and anticipating participants.

While the WhatsApp Group will be strictly for registered participants.

To get access, kindly chat privately, the Registration Chair or the NIGEROTA Vice Chair of the various Districts.

If you have paid and haven't confirmed your payment with the Registration Chairman or Vice Chairs of your district please do so.

Thank you so much as we anticipate #IheAnambra'21

N/B: The group is STRICTLY for those who have registered for the event

Best Regards,

Rotr Akogwu, McDonald Ikaay
Nigerota Registration Chairman

Rotr Ogundele Olayide
Vice Chair (District 9110)

Rotr Amdalat A. Yusuf
Vice Chair (District 9125)

Rotr Wisdom Ebiye
Vice Chair (District 9141)


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