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The Dean enters the class at exactly 8:00am on a Tuesday morning. Surprisingly him, the students were already seated waiting for him to arrive. This is qui unusual as the dean always make it to class before most of his students. And yo dare not enter the class after him.

Student: (Sneaked in 5 mins into the lecture) The Dean allows his to sit down pretending he did not notice.

Dean: (Clears his throat and walked gently to the exact spot where fortune wa

seated. He stood there for some seconds looking at him) Class: (busted out in laughter, knowing that Student is about to face the Dean

round of questions) Dean: This young man had the courage to walk into my class without asking fom

permission. In the university, we grade students based on character and learning. It is obvious he lacks character because to him, I appeared so insignificant that he couldn't notice me. Assuming perhaps he lacks character let us find out if he lacks

learning as well. I will ask fortune a clinical question and in that question I will set a trap for him. Let us find out if he can identify the trap. Question: Assuming a New Zealand rabbit walks into your clinic with red eye, how

will you make a differential diagnosis that this is corneal ulcer and not bacterial conjunctivitis and what will be your prophylactic treatment?

Class: (burst out in laughter)

Student: (Confused on how a rabbit with red eye will walk into his clinic) Dean: This
young man doesn't know the answer to that question, what I meant was

simply the differential diagnosis between bacterial conjunctivitis and corneal ulcer. I will give him a second chance, I will ask him another question, let me see if he will redeem himself.

Question: what is the difference between mental illness and madness?

Class: (Anticipating for the answer)

Student: Sir, mental illness happens when a person has brain tumour while

madness is a spiritual something.

Dean: Will you get out of this class young man

Class: (burst out in laughter)