Hi fam,

Thank God it’s Friday. I love weekends so I’m super excited. I hope you have plans to enjoy your weekend too.

Today’s affirmation speaks to the winner in
me. No one loves to loose in life, we all want to win even in the minute things. We love to be winners. There is this feeling of satisfaction that comes with it.

So here is the gist, winning starts from the mind, having a positive outlook of things and deliberating suppressing the feelings of fear, anxiety and intimidation is a starting point. When you have prepared your inner self so well and your attitude is in place, then you begin to verbalize what you believe on your inside.

Regardless of the challenges that comes With whatever it is you’re faced with, because you have settled to win on the inside, don’t be scared of saying what you believe. Speak like a winner and situations will align in the direction of your words.

On V&V we create with our words. Try making a practice of that too.

Here is my affirmation for today;


I boldly declare that I am a winner in life. I am winning in all ramifications. I have been armed with the armoury of Christ to wage warfare against the enemy of my soul. I fight the good fight of faith. I stand firm and strong in victory. Glory, Hallelujah!

Thanks and have a splendid weekend..