"Collabs and Spinnin' NEW CONCEPTS" by Richard F. Yates

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[Digital drawing. My wife says, "His head's not connected to his body," but I answer her, all clever like, "It's connected CONCEPTUALLY!" And for a drawing of an albino bipedal slack-seeking gator, a tenuous connection certainly seems adequate!]

And....moving on....

Howdy Humanoids... and intelligent gasses!!! Today, I have some exciting news! I'm sure all of you folks read all about the awesome collaborative art piece that I did with @stellabelle , right??? If not, you can view that thrilling tale HERE!

My exciting NEW NEWS, however, is that we have now completed a SECOND piece!! This time, Stellabelle sent me a wonderful image of a cat:


...which I then---I guess you could say---MODIFIED! The final product is an #nft in #animatedgif form...


I minted 11 editions of this work (11 is a prime number) and kept 5 (5 is a prime number) giving the other 6 to Stellabelle to do with as she pleases (sell, burn, give away, keep...up to her!) I'm keeping edition #11 for myself (prime number) and selling the rest for 23 swap.hive each. (You guessed it...23 is s prime number.)

Here are a couple of the "slides" from the gif:




I like it! Not sure if it will sell, but anyone who knows anything about art history will remember that Matisse, Duchamp, Van Gogh, and dozens of other artists who followed their own Muses were often derided, scandalized, mocked, and (most vicious) ignored for their efforts. I find that it's best to make what I enjoy, which might not always mix comfortably with the zeitgeist, but fulfills MY lust for creation AND almost always makes ME laugh. THIS piece accomplishes these minor goals (for me!)

To check out this piece (and perhaps COLLECT ONE---if you are a HIVE user you ALREADY have an NFTShowroom account!!), go here:


There is a short, hopefully humorous story that you can check out there as well. (It mentions several GOTH bands... How many do YOU recognize?)

In "MY HEAD IS A FREAK-SHOW" news, I've come up with a (ANOTHER) new concept for NFTShowroom. The site now allows artists to ADD ON files and such to the NFTs that we sell (like the "special prizes" that used to come in Cracker Jacks or cereal boxes!) Because my brain moves at twice the speed of sound (not a good thing...even with the handful of medications I have to take for anxiety, it's still tough to turn my head off and go to sleep at night...), I produce a LOT of shit. No exaggeration, I have THOUSANDS of drawings, paintings, stories, poems, essays, and so on stacked in boxes and clogging hard drives all over my house. What I thought would be cool is, in addition to the NFT that folks can buy and collect and sell for a nice profit, I will ALSO include an E-ZINE with some purchases, jammed full of music reviews, poems, photographs, artwork, links to cool stuff (if I make the zines PDF files, I can include hyperlinks and animated gifs and all kinds of weird shit... I'm THRILLED by the possibilities!!)

So that's what I'll be fucking with for the next few days...BONUS E-ZINES! Keep your peepers peeled!

I love magic...

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)


ahhahahahahahahaha, it's funny, the end result, is spastic! i like it.

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