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RE: How To Buy NFT Artwork On Hive Using NFT Showroom

in #nftshowroom5 months ago

Could this potentially be done for photography too?!


I suspect if there is enough demand people will want to branch out and provide places to NFT quite a few other types of things including photos.

I have seen people in the past try and sell physical prints on Hive of photos. So it will be interesting to see how things evolve over time.

That is the exciting thing about web 3.0 when there are several places to tokenize things. The possibilities could be near endless.

Hey! There has been discussion about doing something specifically for photography in the future!

That is great news! There are a couple of people that seem to be interested and where there are a couple there are more!

Yeah we have a really vibrant photography community so thats something we discussed early on, wether or not we would allow photography! I think it's best kept separate but theres some gray are photo manipulation stuff that can be more case by case basis