How To Buy NFT Artwork On Hive Using NFT Showroom

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Hive Art NFT Showroom.png

You can now buy NFT artwork on Hive using NFT Showroom. Keep in mind they are still working on further features and developing the platform out further.

Before you get started you will need:

A Hive account. If you need to create a Hive account you can do so on Hiveonboard ( referral link / non-referral link. ) They usually delegate a small amount of Hive Power so you can transact on the Hive blockchain. If you used my referral I go through a couple of times a week and make sure those individuals received a small delegation if they had not.

You will need Hive to make the purchase. If you need to buy some you can check the exchange list on Coingecko for the majority of exchanges Hive is available on.

Hive Keychain for storing and using your private Hive keys. You can get it either by Yabapmatt on Chrome and Brave web browser or Stoodkev on Firefox web browser it is like MetaMask but for Hive. It is used on the Hive blockchain and is accepted as a transaction signing Dapp on many websites that integrate it including NFT Showroom.

Using Hive-Engine

HiveEngine Deposit Hive.png

First you need to convert your Hive into SWAP.HIVE. NFT Showroom mints NFTs on Hive-Engine and they are also processing transactions for them.

To do this you simply need to log into Hive-Engine using Hive Keychain.

Deposit button on HiveEngine Hive.png

Click on the deposit button.

Select Hive and click on “GET DEPOSIT INFO”

After that select the amount of Hive you wish to move from your hive account. Keep in mind that Hive-Engine charges a 1% deposit fee. Please note the Hive blockchain does not have any transaction fees itself and has 3-second transactions. Hive-Engine can sometimes take a minute or two for depositing funds to appear.

(There is also other cryptocurrency you can deposit into Hive-Engine. They do not charge a trading fee on their decentralized exchange just the deposit and withdrawal fee. You also only need a Hive account to use them.)

You will then be prompted by Hive keychain to accept the transaction if you wish to do so.

My Token Wallet HiveEngine Hive.png

You can see your funds by clicking on Wallet and scrolling down till you see the token Swap.Hive it is automatically converted into the peg from the Hive you deposited.

You can withdraw funds by clicking on the withdraw button and select an amount to send to your Hive wallet if it is Hive. Otherwise, make sure to include the correct address if it’s other cryptocurrencies.

NFT Showroom

The NFT Showroom is a place where creators of NFT art can go to sell. The platform itself is still in its early stages with active development. Talented artists looking to avoid expensive transaction fees on other blockchains are flocking to it and will be looking to mint their art as NFTs on the Hive blockchain as this platform expands.

For this post, we are interested in buying some amazing art.

NFT Showroom is quite simple to use. You simply click on view gallery for freshly tokenized arts. You then can scroll through the art feed till you find something you like.

Once you find some art you that you like you can click on it to get more details. This includes who made, the price, and other information. If you click on the creator's name you can see if they have any other artworks for sale.

The great thing about Hive is all of these artists could be running a blog. As well as talking about their art, what inspires them, their process, and so on. To see if they blog regarding their art or other things you can simply look for their blog on a site like which uses the Hive blockchain.

Buying Artwork from Hiddenblade on NFT Showroom Hive.png

Once you have found some art you like and have the funds to afford it you simply click on the plus icon to add to cart.

NFT Showroom Hive Art buying from cart.png

After that, you simply navigate to the cart icon and click on it at the top of the screen.

Buying art on NFT Showroom Hive.png

There are a couple of screens you will need to go through. You just need to click the buy button.

BUY NFT artwork on NFT Showroom Hive.png

You will be shown information such as the total cost, name of the art, a small preview of it. Along with your current SWAP.HIVE balance.

Once you click the final buy button Hive Keychain will prompt you if you want to accept. Such actions generate a TX on the Hive blockchain such as the one from my purchase above.

Congratulations you now own an NFT Artwork on Hive!

You can view artwork in your collection. Here is an example of any NFT artwork I currently own such as the first edition of The Weird One by @Hiddenblade.

Final Thoughts

The art world can be a highly speculative one when it comes to the price of things. NFT Showroom is still quite an early platform where we have not seen how secondary markets will react yet to the price of art being sold. They have also not opened up auctions yet so you can buy art at the price the creator sets. We should be seeing some wild bidding wars in the future!

You might also notice the artwork I have purchased says it has private rights. This means I do not have commercial rights on it (I have asked for permission to use it in this post). Some artworks are sold with commercial rights for the buyer to use them in that fashion if they wish.

If you do find artwork that does not have commercial rights but that is important to you to have. It is not uncommon for people to try and negotiate a higher price for those rights to be added and a new mint to be printed with them for purchase. Many artists can be found in the NFT Showroom discord which can be found on the website. Also, many of them have their blog on a hive platform such as PeakD. Ultimately it is up to the artist if that is something they are willing to include before a purchase is made.

You should also take note if you are buying a piece unique (aka there is only 1 NFT) or if there are multiple NFT minting. The piece I purchased was the first edition of 10. As such, I did keep that in mind for how much I wanted to spend.

As stated in the NFT Showroom FAQ if you do sell artwork there is a 10% commission taken with a portion given to the creator of that work as a royalty. Which I think is great for artiest to keep earning on something they have made that has hopefully appreciated over time.

Keep in mind there is no guarantee something you buy will go up in value over time. When I buy things like art I do so as a way to support an artist and for an appreciation of that piece itself. It if retains value or increases over time that great.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. The Artwork piece featured in this post such as the one in the cover image was created by @Hiddenblade that I have purchased on NFT Showroom and can be found here.

Disclosure: NFT Showroom is in early development and further features and changes are expected to come in the future.


Just so you know you dont need to go to hive-engine at all if you have HIVE in your wallet by using the hive keychain in the nft showroon wallet tab you can directly send from your hive wallet to hive-engine and it will show up in your ntf showroom wallet (the whole operation has the same fee that hive engine charges)

Same applies for withdraws you can do it directly from the nft showroon wallet using keychain too (again there are fees that applies for this operation) and it will go directly to you hive wallet

Awesome that is great to know. Thank you for sharing.

Awesome explanation! I don't even know how to do it myself yet haha. Thanks so much for supporting my art! :D

It’s an amazing piece. I’m glad I could get the first edition of it.

Fantastic! I’m eager to look into this and I’m glad to see they integrated a portion of resales going to the artist. That’s one of the more innovative and interesting features I’ve seen from NFT artworks.

I can't wait to see what else they do over the long term. I hope you find something interesting on there.

The NFT showroom is just amazing I'm soooo excited for it!

I’ve been hyped for this for a while a little while now. Glad I noticed yesterday it was open.

Hi @enjar! What @victoriabsb said! Thanks for this! It needs to be reposted so everyone can take part!

Upped and Reposted


Thanks for the support and kind words. This seems like a massive step for the art community and I hope they see great success with it.

I would love to make exclusive art for nft showroom. I don't see a way to do that from the website and the discord is blocked because of an https error.

You can apply directly from the website to get whitelisted, just fill your profile and at the end you will se the apply to get whitelisted button.

Once whitelisted you will have all the options that artist get to tokenize.

Right now there is only one mod approving the whitelisting process so is quicker if you go to the discord to let her know about your application.


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Glad to see you worked it out. I hope you get approved. Have a wonderful week.

I would be really excited to see a photography opportunity for this too? Creating an NFT for a piece of photography would be awesome! Can I get my photos on this? Thanks

In a comment below one of the people behind this project (juliakponsford) talks about how they wanted to keep art and photo separate and will be considering in the future creating a place for photos to mint NFTs.

Yeah that sounds awesome! I've just seen their introduction post and it looks awesome! Thanks for the up vote too x

Awesome! Hive is the perfect platform to build for NFT art.

It will be interesting to see what things people NFT next as tokenize everything grows.

Nice post, it seems they do not have a Hive account, also the link on their website for their Discord does not work. Thanks fo sharing Enjar.

I found their Discord Channel also I found their account on hive

Glad you found the info you were looking for. Have a great week.

Waw, impressive and lovely, tkx for sharing

I hope you find some art you like. The hive community is amazing.

Lovely -- I've been needing this kind of information, because I am one of Alien Art Hive's most prolific artists! Thank you!

Awesome I hope you get approved if not already. Some exciting times ahead for the artist community out there.

Starting work on that this month -- thank you!

This is great for artists!

I’ve told a few artiest and they are hyped about this. Will be interesting to see who becomes a major collector as well.

Congrats on your first purchase ^_^
Awesome explanation

Thanks, have a great week.

Thank you ^_^ You too!

#posh for art!

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great overview!

Could this potentially be done for photography too?!

I suspect if there is enough demand people will want to branch out and provide places to NFT quite a few other types of things including photos.

I have seen people in the past try and sell physical prints on Hive of photos. So it will be interesting to see how things evolve over time.

That is the exciting thing about web 3.0 when there are several places to tokenize things. The possibilities could be near endless.

Hey! There has been discussion about doing something specifically for photography in the future!

That is great news! There are a couple of people that seem to be interested and where there are a couple there are more!

Yeah we have a really vibrant photography community so thats something we discussed early on, wether or not we would allow photography! I think it's best kept separate but theres some gray are photo manipulation stuff that can be more case by case basis