My new Assassin

in #nftshowroom4 months ago

image.png is a fairly new site where you can create art, tokenize it and sell it. I picked this piece up from Yanga for 100 Hive. I think she's a little bad ass.

If you'd like to make art to sell to your collectors, customers, and general audience it's pretty simple.

Go to login with keychain, click profile. And apply for the whitelist (allowlist).

Once you're approved you're able to upload art to nftshowroom image servers, and tokenize the pieces via hive-engine tracked NFTs.

The site is a week or so old and already more than $1000 worth of art has traded hands. At the very least check out the project on Hive and realize it's the first of many such markets. More to come!


Thanks for the info. The well known ones that tokenize art, are hard to get in as an artist.

Nice one, need to find the time to check it out more. :soon: :tm:

I bought one too out of FOMO of seeing you buy the first one.

You're a darling @stellabelle

You gotta give a shoutout to the artist here: @yanga

Thanks so much @aggroed for being the first to pick up my first tokenize art. I'm grateful.