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Season 1 Card Frame Reveal

Each season will feature a unique card frame! Here's a look at the Season 1 card frame, with a quick explanation of some of the info that can found on the frame.😎

Card Number - In the top right corner we have the Card Number; as each card within a season will be identified with a number in sequential order.

Season Number - In the top left you'll find Season Number, letting you know which season the card is from. Seasons may last as long as a few weeks to a few months, this is not written in stone.

Rarity Indicator - Appearing near the bottom of the card from is your Rarity Indicator. In this example we have 1 out of 4 rocket ships indicating that this card is a Rare. 2 rockets would indicate Epic, 3 rockets Legendary, and 4 rockets Mythical.

Illustration Submissions Are Open

Have an illustration sitting around you think you would look great minted into an NFT?

We're open to sketches, drawings, pixel art, animations, meme's,... and illustrations inspired by themes such as Blockchain, Gaming, Comics, Movies/TV, Pop Culture, Comedy, and Seasonal Events.🔥

Connect with @agr8buzz in the Battlegames Discord to submit your illustration idea, all ideas and concepts are welcome! Illustrations should be submitted in high quality JPEG, GIF, or PNG format. GIF animations are encouraged! with a total file size less than 2 GB.

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What tipe illustrations wants?

It's completely up to you, we're open to all styles! I've recently made some pixel art that I may use.. but sketches and illustrations are good too. You could even promote your new comic!

Do you have Discord?

Yes i have Discord

would be happy to chat with you more