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RE: Analysing the effect of the Yamato season on stardust

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Adjusting the internal economics of the game is good but going forward I think that a top priority should be to make the game more dinamic by fixing the response times.

I mean sometimes when you do an upgrade or start a mission it can take a long time or there is no response from the server/node. That UX is not good if you want to make the game appealing to a wider audience.

Maybe group upgrades in a single custom json, that should help with the server load and reduce the bloat to the blockchain.


Have you tried out @jaruniks client? He has done this quite well I think - although he also has no group upgrades. Also crypt riddler's tool is very cool for building upgrading. Generally, I am with you, there is still room for improvement in UX, but I think that we are indeed developing in the right direction - and that motivates users with their own tools also add great value to the UX!

I have tried jarunik's client but I find it unintuitive and not much better UX wise. Thanks for letting me know about crypto riddler's tool I will check it out.