Addicted to NextColony

in nextcolony •  2 months ago 

So, addicted is a strong word, but I log in a few times a day already and all I'm doing is building out my resources; I haven't even set up a mission yet.

Back in the early days of online games I played a lot of turn based, or games that were about building worlds. Before online games I played SimCity.

So far #nextcolony reminds me of all those text based games I grew up playing and I love it.

I tried to figure out #peakmonsters but I was never into trading card games like Magic the Gathering, the only cards I collected and traded were sports (baseball and hockey) in the 90s. NextColony is the STEEM chain game I was waiting for.

How do you interact with the chain?

A couple of days ago I checked out the State of the dApps and realized how small the STEEM community still was, but it is also where I found NextColony.

Other than using various frontends for blogging (Steemit, Steempeak, etc) I haven't really expanded how I interact on the blockchain. Now I do.

What are some of your favorite ways to use STEEM?

Share them below, I want to find some fun gems to spend my time on.

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I enjoy steempeak which is just a different interface for Steemit
Splinterlands which you already mentioned
Steem-engine for trading tokens
SteemLeo is an investing community
Steemworld and Steemd for monitoring various things on my account
SteemitWorld Ranking to monitor and gamify improving my account by monitoring monthly how my rank changes.

I have a frontend question for you.

I use steempeak pretty much exclusively these days. I've tried a couple of the tribes, but they seem to be just limited frontends.

Does SteemLeo have other content that isn't necessarily on the blockchain itself? Is there something that I'm missing when I visit