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RE: Analysing the effect of the Yamato season on stardust

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Very cool analysis!

However doesn't this ignore the Stardust contained within the planets that are being discovered each day? There were around 65 planets discovered yesterday so this is probably something like 1million Stardust added to the supply each day.

My guess is that when the Steem vs Stardust market pair is fully established, many people will "cash-in" their planets, and the Stardust price will come under heavy selling pressure.

Stardust in planets is a little like "powered up" Steem, in that you need planets to participate in the game, just like you need Steem Power to participate in voting.

In order to stabilise the Stardust price it may be worth adding a delay to the "powering down" of planets, so that the Stardust produced from planet-burning is released over a period of time (like Steem Power powerdown).

This would also require players to think more tactically in relation to Yamato upgrading which can currently be funded simply by burning planets. Players would need to either burn planets before the season - harming their own development - or ensure they maintain other supply lines of Stardust throughout the season - with the risk that it is not available when they most need it. This may also make players hoard Stardust, decreasing its supply on the market.


You could think like this, and you should if the rules would be fixed. However, this does not work like a smart contract and rules can and will be changed. If the amount of Stardust inflation from burning planets would go up too much, we could react and decrease the amount of Stardust from burning planets. We have fixed the amount at a level, which makes economically not very viable to burn too many - but if it becomes necessary we would adjust these levels.