I'm dancin on one foot! In less than 24 hours I found my 8th planet!!!

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The 427th uncommon copper planet has spawned on my colony, it's just one title away from "Eta" (my seventh planet) so I think I might be able to launch a cooperative development of these two newly discovered planets..

Theta-Uncommon Copper

Hopefully another one might be found on the unfinished explorations...but that would mean to expend all my luck at once so I would rather have more regular drop rates lol.

See you all on the game

Best regards.


Good thing about your battle report is, it isn't shit or like copy and paste 🙂

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I just enjoy writing, but my time is not really "mine"... So all I can do is make this quick posts to avoid skipping too many days without posting.

As soon as I got a few hours I will fulfill what I still own you (the second part of the quantum mechanics introduction and the braking down of the first part's equations 😊

Best regards.

Understandable. Keep up the good work 🙂

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