Zero Inactivity Tolerance For Neighbours In NextColony - Protect Your Digital Assets

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When you play a game like @NextColony, there is always something happening, even if you are not around. Ships are flying short and long distances through virtual space and deploy on other planets, resources are transported around and attacks and sieges are shifting the power structure of the game. I happen to be one of the largest fleet holders in NextColony and hence I have to watch my own power structure.

No Tolerance For Inactivity

Most games can be switched off, where they wait for you to return. NextColony doesn't wait for anyone, as time is ticking merciless ahead, while the show goes on. When you temporarily leave the game, for whatever reason you might have, you better prepare to get raided. Personally, whenever I see any account switiching to farm status, I will send my fleet there to take everything I can get. This is both offensive as defensive strategy.

When I don't attack an inactive account, the resources will pile up until the limits of the depots are reached. From that moment onwards, no more resources are being produced, which is a waste of production capability. Further, if it is not me who is raiding the new farm - and that's exactly what all inactive accounts turn into after 7 days of inactivity - others will surely do. This would strengthen my neighbors instead of myself. So I'll strike!

A Normal Day

Below we see a normal day for me: First I go to @rafalski's amazing interactive NextColony Map and activate the Farm filter, to see my inactive neighborhood all at once. So-called farms are colored purple, while active accounts are red. My own planets are grey.

You can see the red lines of attacking flights, coming all from my central hub planet, the Great-Pyramid-1008, on -243/190 coordinates (funny side note: the USA is in its 243rd year in the year '19 - I like numbers).


Watch Your Fleet - Because I Certainly Do

Pew Pew, your fleet is dead!

On the animated GIF above you can see that I was attacking the player @japanguide, who has six planets north of my own territory. He specifically asked me two months ago, to not attack him and I canceled my only attack back then and never did harm him again. UNTIL his planets switched to inactivity. You can see it on the image yourself. He had a few ships there, which I destroyed all.

To me, this is more points on the destruction points list, which is one of the measures for success in the game, which were even rewarded with a payout from the developers before.

The account switched shortly after my attack back to active. I assume, that this is very frustrating for the player but a lesson that this game is not for casual players, who drop only in once in a while. @japanguide was part of the the alliance Delta Clan, no idea if he still is. Before my attack I was considering my move and whether it would trigger a response from his alliance. But I expect no better treatment myself, should I go inactive, so I feel like I made the right call.

Prepare Your Inactivity Like A Pro

Everyone needs a break occasionally, particularly if you play the game like I do. But how to protect your assets in that time?

First of all, you can send your fleet on a very long flight and cancel the flight in time (before 50% of the distance is flown), to make it return in time for your own return. Set your calendar to not forget that moment in your absence. Just log into your account once, at the right time, to call your fleet home again. It could still be intercepted at its moment of return, but that possibility is always given, so no change here.

Pull up your depots and depot increase skills. Next, bring up your shield. You can either bring the shield up a lot and have long shield durations, or you keep it on level 1 for super short charging times. Both can be strategic, although the second option doesn't make much sense when you are inactive.

Finally, you can get a bot for your account. Don't be so shocked, many people do it, as this game is basically asking for it. If you have a problem with that, then blockchain technology is not the right platform for you to play such a game. A fantastic bot for the game is available for 6 USD a month from @buildteam. It sends your explorers out, pulls up your skills and buildings and even manages your defense to a degree, by pulling up shields in time.

You are responsibility for the safety of your digital assets in a mostly offensive strategy game like NextColony. Make sure you don't forget that you are vulnerable all the time but that you also have tools at hand, to protect your fleet. If you do that, you have good chances to grow in this game.

If you are interested in purchasing some ships, contact me on Discord under flauwy#5735 for all further details.

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It looks like things are gonna get rough.

Fleet update anytime?

I don't know. The feedback from the community was mostly bad and I got super discouraged. I am still open to the idea but people didn't get/like the peg of the token to Corvettes and found it too complicated to buy FLEET and pay with that. They wanted to keep paying in Steem. We don't sell FLEET anymore but maybe in a future market it might find a use-case. But I doubt it will.

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If you think a whale flagging you hurts, wait until a colony whale literally shoots you with laserbeams :D

Yes is a waste when all depots are full and the temptation is strong. Hahahahaha. Must not fight the urge, and there looting fleet launched. If it's not yours, someone else will do it.