Buying NextColony Blueprints To Speed Up Your Production: BattleCruiser Lion Activated

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Hear, hear, the galactic news broadcast is sending a interstellar promotion: Flauwy's Fleet Market in @NextColony is now having another asset available for all those battle-hungry players around the galaxy. It is large, it is heavy and fierce like a majestic cat: The BattleCruiser Lion, the third largest bullet ship in the universe.


The Battlecruiser Lion

There are seven tiers of battle ships in NextColony and the Battlecruisers are tier five and function as the heavy hitters in your fleet. As with all ship classes, they come in three different variants: rocket, bullet and laser damage. While the rocket version is free to build, when you have the Battlecruiser skill on level 20 and the Shipyard on Level 18, the bullet version has to be purchased from the internal shop (the laser versions have not been introduced yet).

I have already been building the free rocket version, the Battlecruiser Tiger, for quite a while now but I was lacking the its bullet damage sibling, the "Lion".



Only In The Shop

The blueprint does cost 20 Steem in the NextColony shop and is a limited item of the game. There are only 1082 of them left and you need one blueprint for each planet where you want to build it. So one single player could theoretically need dozens of them. I don't really feel any fomo when it comes to NextColony blueprints but ultimately I invest into something that not everyone will be able to build in the future. That's a pretty cool concept and @Splinterlands has shown how attractive this kind of model can be in a game for both players as well as investors.

Funny side note: I financed the blueprint entirely with Splinterlands rewards. From one game into the next.



Building Speed Advantage

One of the most interesting aspects of the blueprints is not only the different damage class and the therefor increased strategic possibilities of your fleet. That is a given. What really fascinates me about buying a blueprint is, that you can start building both ships of that class AT THE SAME TIME. And that is a big deal.

On each planet, your shipyard can produce all available ships in parallel. The more ships you have, the more can be produced over time, assuming you have sufficient resource income. If you compare a player who has 10 planets but no blueprints with a player who has only 5 planets but blueprints on all his planets - both can produce 10 ships of the same tier in parallel, when they fulfill all requirements.

Another cool side effect is the Star Dust, the in-game currency of the game, that you get 100:1 for each Steem you spend in the shop. You can already buy planets and ships with your StarDust on the open market. There is no tool for that yet but that will come eventually as well. For now, you can trade manually on the Discord channel.


If you are interested in purchasing some of these lions, contact me on Discord under flauwy#5735 for all further details.

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Do you know when the market feature will be available?

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